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Notes of Autumn

1 hr 24 mins
Ellie is a fun-loving, classically trained pianist living in the city who gave up on her passion long ago. She now works for a hotel and always seems to be getting things wrong when musical inspiration strikes. Her best friend, Leo, lives in the rustic outskirts of British Columbia. He's a famous author with writer's block who can't finish another installment in his highly popular book series.
2023 NR Drama, Other

The Other Zoey

1 hr 20 mins
Zoey Miller, a super smart computer nerd who is uninterested in romantic love, has her life turned upside down when Zack, the school's soccer star, gets amnesia and mistakes Zoey for his girlfriend.
2023 Drama, Comedy, Other

Come Fly with Me

2 hr 0 mins
After landing a spot on the Thunderbirds team, an Air Force pilot must find a way to balance flying, family, and her budding romance with a widowed father.
2023 NR Drama


2 hr 1 mins
Bella, a teenage human, falls in love with the vampire Edward, who drinks only animal blood. But a vampire from another coven is drawn to hunt down Bella.
56   Metascore
2008 PG13 Drama, Suspense, Other

Death in Venice

2 hr 5 mins
An avant-garde composer, suffering from ill health, travels to a Venetian resort, where he becomes obsessed with the beauty of a young boy.
1971 PG Drama, Other

A Summer Romance

1 hr 30 mins
Samantha's Montana ranch is her family's legacy, so when a developer shows up to buy it, Sam isn't interested. But as he tries to win her trust and her ranch, Sam finds he might also be winning her heart.
2019 NR Drama, Other

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The Pursuit of Love

1 Season
2021 Drama, Other

What Happened in Oslo

1 Season
2021 Documentary

Push Showcase: Ava Max

American singer and songwriter Ava max is spotlighted.
2019 TVPG Reality, Other

L.A. Heat

2 Seasons
It is an understatement to note that the weekly, hour-long action series L.A. Heat was inspired by the Lethal Weapon films starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. Truth to tell, the series was a virtual carbon copy of its "inspiration": A loose-cannon white cop partnered with a peace-loving black cop, with both men answerable to a bombastic, tantrum-throwing chief; and as a bonus, the white cop was a bachelor, while the black cop was a loyal family man with a beautiful wife. All that was missing were Joe Pesci, an exploding toilet, and the constant subliminal references to The Three Stooges. Heading the cast of L.A. Heat were Wolf Larson as white police detective Chase McDonald, a hotheaded seven-year veteran of the LAPD and a talented artist on the side; and Steve Williams as McDonald's African American partner, Det. Austin Brooks, a level-headed former boxer who had been on the force for sixteen years. Armed with state-of-art weaponry, fast fists and an endless supply of wisecracks, McDonald and Brooks took on a variety of skuzzy criminals on the mean streets of L.A., leaving a long trail of broken windows, wrecked automobiles and devastated buildings in their wake. Also in the cast were Renee Tenison as August's wife Kendra, who worked at an inner-city recreation center, and Kenneth Tigar as McDonald and Brooks' explosive senior officer, Captain Jensen. During the series' first season, Chase was going steady with a girl named Jody (Dawn Radenbaugh, aka Dawn Eason), who wanted him to quit police work and join her in opening an art gallery; after Jody left the scene, Chase played the field with a variety of attractive women. Filmed on location in Southern California and packaged by the PM Entertainment Group, L.A. Heat began production in 1996, but the producers were unable to secure a network, cable or syndicated timeslot in the U.S. Thus, the series was first distributed to Europe, where it scored a phenomenal success--most notably in Germany, where it even out-rated the most popular American import of the period, Baywatch. On March 15, 1999, nearly a full year after the series closed down production, the 48-episode L.A. Heat was finally picked up for American consumption by cable's TNT network, where it ran on a daily basis for the next two seasons.
1999 TV14 Drama, Other

Showtime - The Good Lord Bird

Stars Ethan Hawke & Joshua Caleb Johnson and author James McBride discuss this highly anticipated mini-series about the 1859 raid on Harper's Ferry
2020 TVMA

Donna Tartt: A Review Show Special

Kirsty Wark interviews author Donna Tartt ("The Goldfinch").
2013 Talk & Interview, Arts