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Rutherford Falls

Ed Helms gets into the historical statue discourse in this sweet sitcom co-created by Mike Schur that boasts significant Native American representation.
2020 · Comedy


The crew on a mission to Mars face the ultimate moral dilemma when they discover an accidental stowaway on their ship, and they don't have enough air for everyone.
Drama, Suspense, Science Fiction


Liza and friends aren't getting any younger in the drama's final season, which moves to streaming to keep up with the millennial cool kids.
2015 · Comedy


FX's vibrant drug trade drama wraps up its fourth season on the streets of 1980s Los Angeles.
2017 · Drama, Action & Adventure

Grey's Anatomy

Some of you weren't born when this show started.
2005 · Drama

Cruel Summer

An awkward teen goes from cool kid to one of the most hated people in the country after the most popular girl in her town disappears.
2021 · Drama, Suspense

The Circle

Isolated contestants try to sniff out whether they're being catfished on social media. Is The Circle suddenly the most relatable reality show?
2020 · Reality, Tech & Gaming


Bigfoot gets the true crime treatment in this hippie docuseries for "the truth is out there" types.
2021 · Documentary