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Scott Baio Is 45 And Single! - Official Trailer

04:26 | Aug. 5, 2015 He is the former sitcom star and legendary ladies man who finds himself in his mid-40s faced with two choices that scare the crap out of him: Either marry his longtime girlfriend Renee or stay a bachelor for life. Now, with the guidance of life-coach Doc Ali and his longtime entourage, Scott Baio has chosen to face his fears and figure out exactly why he's always had a problem with commitment. It's a soul-searching 8-week journey that will take him through mandatory celibacy, angry ex-girlfriends (including Erin Moran, Julie McCulloch, Nicole Eggert, Sheila Kennedy and The Morell Twins), creepy fans, banished friendships, mud wrestling, guilt, fear, apologies, strippers and more, all leading to the fateful decision and surprise revelation that will change his life forever.