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May 02, 2008 Season 4 Episode 12 watch on (Paid)

The end of the school year is approaching, and that means Prom is too!  Zoey is going to spend her summer on Maui, but when James offers to come along, her reaction isn’t what he expected.  Meanwhile, Michael gets a classic car from his father so he can drive Lisa to the Prom.  The only problem is, Michael can’t drive stick.  However, he finds guidance in the unlikeliest of places.  Quinn and Logan want to go to Prom, but they want to keep their secret safe too, so they decide to pick each other’s dates -- the result is not what either of them expected.  Meanwhile, Lola is made head of the Prom committee, and all she wants is to arrive fashionably late, but will she be able to?

Quinn's Alpaca

Apr 30, 2006 Season 2 Episode 12

Quinn learns her pet alpaca is depressed from missing her, so the gang throw her a party to keep her from leaving the PCA.
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People Auction

Mar 26, 2006 Season 2 Episode 11

Logan's plan for a personal cheerleading squad backfires when he "buys" the girls at a PCA charity People Auction.
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Lola Likes Chase

Feb 26, 2006 Season 2 Episode 9

Zoey, Chase, Nicole and Michael have been studying in the Girls' Lounge for hours when Michael and Nicole decide they're done and leave Chase and Zoey alone. Chase convinces Zoey to break for a game of "Wouldja Rather"; together they take turns deciding between outrageous choices like eating spiders and wearing green for the rest of their lives. Lola appears and announces she hates biology because she's doing poorly and her teacher wants her to get a tutor. Zoey recommends Chase as a tutor and after Lola offers him pie, Chase agrees to be her tutor.
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Robot Wars

Feb 12, 2006 Season 2 Episode 8

After becoming sick and tired of hearing how smart a group of science nerds think they are, Zoey decides to wage a war. A Robot War! Only problem? Zoey and the crew don't know the first thing when it comes to creating a robot. They recruit Quinn, who has her own score to settle the nerds, to help them. But when she overhears Logan making fun of her behind her back, she bails on the project, leaving the group hung out to dry. Zoey has a few tricks up her sleeve though, and she's going to show those nerds that all is fair in Robots and War.
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Girls Will Be Boys

Jan 29, 2006 Season 2 Episode 7

The guys are upset that Zoey, Nicole, and Lola are hanging out on the rooftop of their dorm. They want to keep it "guy's only" and private. Furious with this, the girls decide to prove that guys can still act like guys around girls. They hatch a plan to disguise Lola as a boy, and blend in as "just one of the guys."
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Broadcast Views

Jan 15, 2006 Season 2 Episode 6

Nicole is depressed, having received her first "D" on an algebra test. When Quinn and Lola ask her why, she admits the "D" was a result of the three cutest guys in 9th grade sitting around her in class - with them around it's impossible for her to concentrate on algebra. Quinn and Lola try to be helpful but Nicole wants advice from Zoey and finds out that she is hanging out in Chase and Michael’s room watching them record their webcast.
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Bad Girl

Nov 13, 2005 Season 2 Episode 5

A new girl has a crush on Zoey's little brother Dustin. The catch? She's had a few run ins with the law. Zoey begs Chase to step in, and break the young couple up. Chase succeeds, but only because this bad girl now has a crush on him! Now, instead of being an innocent bystander, Chase finds himself right in the middle of a lover's quarrel he wanted nothing to do with in the first place. How will he ever find his way out of this one?
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Haunted House

Oct 29, 2005 Season 2 Episode 4

Every Halloween at P.C.A., the upper school makes a haunted house for the lower school, and this year Logan is in charge. He makes a promise to everyone that his haunted house will be so terrifying, that people won’t just be scared, they’ll cry. But when Zoey’s little brother and his roommate get lost in the house, Logan starts to wonder if something not of this world has taken over his creation.
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Oct 16, 2005 Season 2 Episode 3

As a joke, Chase and Zoey nominate each other to run for class president, even though neither one really wants to win. They decide to just have fun with it, and not let the election get in the way of their friendship. But as the campaign trail heats up, Logan decides to take over as manager for Chase's presidential bid. Needless to say, he's ready to play dirty, and Chase and Zoey discover that politics and friendship mix together like oil and water.
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Time Capsule

Sep 18, 2005 Season 2 Episode 2

After finding an old P.C.A. yearbook, Zoey and the crew decide to create and bury a time capsule for future P.C.A. students to discover. But when Zoey reveals to Chase that she's making a Video Diary to be buried with the capsule, Chase becomes obsessed over what she says about him. With Logan tormenting him to dig up the time capsule and steal the DVD, Chase finds himself strapped into a rollercoaster ride of morals and ethics.
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Back to PCA

Sep 10, 2005 Season 2 Episode 1

The summer is over, and school is back in session at P.C.A.! That means new classes, new dorms, and new roommates? Such is the case for Zoey and Nicole, who meet their new roommate Lola, perhaps the strangest person either Zoey or Nicole have ever met. Over on the guy's end, Logan goes completely overboard on the entertainment system for his new dorm room, causing Michael and Chase to have to camp outside. Welcome back to P.C.A.
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