A paranormal aficionado is drawn into a centuries-old conspiracy with apocalyptic implications after his wife is kidnapped from her antique clock shop, and he must solve the mystery and find her before time runs out.


Guest Stars

Amy Irving
"Mother", "Mother"/Melanie Lynch
9 Episodes (2013-2013)
Ken Leung
Father Reggie
7 Episodes (2013-2013)
Charles S. Dutton
Father Mickle
6 Episodes (2013-2013)
Amir Arison
Theo Molars
6 Episodes (2013-2013)
Grace Gummer
Paige Willis
6 Episodes (2013-2013)
Dan Ziskie
Mr. Galliston
5 Episodes (2013-2013)
Dylan Baker
Terrance Fisk, Terrence Fisk
4 Episodes (2013-2013)
Jamie Jackson
Reverend Mark
4 Episodes (2013-2013)
Zach Grenier
Wayne Blanks
3 Episodes (2013-2013)
Beth Dixon
Mrs. Galliston
2 Episodes (2013-2013)
Jan Triska
Old Clockmaker
1 Episode (2013)
Neil Napier
1 Episode (2013)
Alex Manette
Security Chief Jacob
1 Episode (2013)
Eric Davis
1 Episode (2013)