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Zeke's Pad

A cartoon series about a teen artist whose drawings come to life.

Premiered: December 26, 2008

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Zeke's Pad Season 1, Episode 26 Oct 9, 2012 Paid

Zeke feels its time he has his own space, without interruptions and responsibility. So when he convinces Ida and Alvin to let him move into the garage, he draws himself the perfect teen hangout, complete with half-pipe ramps for boarding, a large screen tv and even a sundae buffet. Things are sweet until everyone in town hears about the 'pad' and shows up. Now there's no room to breathe, and he can't even have a go at his skateboard ramp or the sundae buffet. Things are out of control so Zeke draws the pad more exclusive with a strict list of the 'in crowd' allowed in. Unfortunately, Zeke accidentally forgets to put himself on the list and is himself, OUT. After one failed attempt after another of trying to get into his pad, he finally digs a tunnel from under his house to the garage. Success - he makes it into the pad! Unfortunately, his tunnel caused structural damage to the house - and its lopsided with his family members dangling precariously from windows. Zeke has to figure out a way to save his house and his family - and in so doing, realizes his own home wasn't that bad a pad to begin with!

Luck of the Draw Season 1, Episode 24 Feb 6, 2012 Paid

Zeke's name gets drawn to compete on his favorite TV game show. Ya Hoo! He's all excited until he finds out that it's a...WHAT? A Family Edition? Now he has to compete - with his family - against the smartest family in town! Zeke's family doesn't exactly work together well so he does a draw to make them more of a team. Go Team!! It's team building all the way. But his family are obsessed with only being a team and don't listen to Zeke when he tries to get them to actually practice for the upcoming show. Can Zeke get his team organized enough to win the prize? The day of the game show quickly arrives. Zeke's over zealous attempts to answer questions quickly cause his team to nose dive in the quiz portion of the show. Zeke thinks it's all his family's fault. He's got to do something quick to turn things around. But drawing them so they'll listen to him doesn't seem to help much. Now they're Zombies! Zeke has to tell them which foot to lift and when so they can run the obstacle race. Oops. Can they possibly still win? What to draw next...

Model Family Season 1, Episode 23 Feb 6, 2012 Paid

Pressed with the school assignment of finding out more about his ancestors, Zeke thinks it would be much easier to draw them up from the past and ask them rather than to wade through Ida's voluminous files of his ancestors. When the doorbell rings, there stand his long lost cousins thinking they've just got lost when leaving the village to go shopping. The old relatives learn the new ways in some fun 'fish out of water' sequences while Zeke tries to take notes for his assignments. But things get out of control when it's discovered that the young charming cousin Rafael is a pickpocket, swiping all kinds of things from the house. What's worse, when Zeke realizes he has to get his family back to their own time or the whole time space continuum could be messed up, he also realizes Rafael has stolen his pad and has taken off with it. This is very bad news. They've got to find Rafael and the pad or Zeke won't exist anymore...talk about pressure!!!

Picture of Paradise Season 1, Episode 22 Feb 6, 2012 Paid

When Zeke finds out Maxine is on her way to a summer camp for a week, he tries to impress her by saying he's really into camping too. Jay scoffs at Zeke's bravado and Zeke scoffs back at Jay - don't worry, I've got my pad. In fact, Zeke draws himself, Jay and the family in the campground next to Maxine's 'girls camp' in order to use the opportunity to impress her more. After several bumbling attempts to show Max his camping know-how go awry, Zeke drags Jay along to follow Maxine on a wilderness walk, with a plan to help her out when she gets lost. Unfortunately, it's Zeke and Jay who get lost and the pad's GPS can't help them. But when Maxine witnesses Zeke unwittingly saving his family from a bear, she's more than impressed and joins the family back for some of Ida's risotto over the open fire. Jay just shakes his head, not believing Zeke’s luck.