• 2010
  • TV Show
  • TV-14

Humans and spirits join forces to resolve incidents involving spirits in Japan.

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Brilliant Finale Season 1, Episode 13 Jun 12, 2012 $1.99

Rangui manipulates Daidai into going on a rampage by taking advantage of the envy she feels for Byakuroku's 'favored' treatment. When Daidai fails, Rangui calls her useless and prepares to consume her.

Looming Crisis Season 1, Episode 12 Jun 12, 2012 $1.99

Zakuro is captured by Omodaka once again. She is forced into a ritualistic outfit while unconscious and made to act against her will. She is on the verge of getting married to Omodaka.

Hollow Touch Season 1, Episode 11 Jun 12, 2012 $1.99

As Zakuro attempts to escape from the Village of Oracles, she notices that her pendant is glowing. Guided by this light, Zakuro is led to her mother, Tsukuhane, who she believed had long since passed away.

Creeping Shadows Season 1, Episode 10 Jun 12, 2012 $1.99

The Spirit Affairs representatives attend a festival. Kei grovels in fear when he meets Lords A and Un, the shrine's komainu guardians.

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Zakuro - Season 1
Westernization, a time when humans and spirits coexist - The Modernization of Japan has begun. The Ministry of Spirit Affairs is established to resolv (more…)

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