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Your Health With Dr. Richard and Cindy Becker episodes

Sep 16, 2011: Sarcopenia
Sep 14, 2011: Grapeseed Complex
Sep 07, 2011: Hormone Balance
Sep 02, 2011: Surviving Celiac
Aug 03, 2011: Pearls for Chronic Yeast
Jul 22, 2011: The Facts About Fiber
Jul 15, 2011: Olive Leaf & You
Jun 30, 2011: CoQ10 & the Heart
Jun 28, 2011: Handling Heartburn
Jun 23, 2011: Eye Health
Jun 20, 2011: HC: Bread/Family Health Week
Jun 17, 2011: Noni & You
Jun 16, 2011: Gastrointestinal Health
Jun 15, 2011: Combating Cholesterol
Jun 01, 2011: Bounty of the Bees
May 31, 2011: Musculoskeletal Health
May 27, 2011: Prime-Time Health
May 25, 2011: Yeast & IBS
May 23, 2011: HC: Scones/D3
May 11, 2011: Superfruits and You
May 10, 2011: Diabetes Directives
May 06, 2011: Building With Bacteria
May 04, 2011: Raising a Healthy Child
Apr 15, 2011: Fundamentals of Diabetes
Apr 01, 2011: Astragalus & You
Mar 30, 2011: Recurrent Infections
Mar 29, 2011: Medicine and Your Health
Mar 24, 2011: The Magnesium Marvel
Mar 21, 2011: B Vitamins
Mar 10, 2011: Hope for a Healthy Heart
Mar 09, 2011: Investigating Inflammation
Mar 08, 2011: Love Your Liver
Feb 24, 2011: Coenzyme Q10/B1G1
Feb 10, 2011: Mushrooms & You
Jan 27, 2011: Electromagnetic Pollution
Jan 26, 2011: More Natural Cardio Support
Jan 20, 2011: Oregano
Jan 19, 2011: Handling Headaches
Jan 17, 2011: HC: Detox---The Healthy Way Pt. 1
Dec 30, 2010: Superfruits of the World
Dec 27, 2010: Tofu/Flavonoids
Dec 20, 2010: HC: Tuscan Ribollita
Dec 17, 2010: Grapes and Your Health
Dec 16, 2010: Food Additives
Dec 15, 2010: Acai Today
Dec 13, 2010: Gifts From the Kitchen
Dec 08, 2010: Arthritis and You
Nov 30, 2010: Children's Health
Nov 29, 2010: HC: Vegetable Cobbler/Questions
Nov 25, 2010: HC: Holiday Pumpkin Pie
Nov 24, 2010: Amino Acids and You
Nov 23, 2010: Vitamin D and Your Health
Nov 22, 2010: HC: Cranberry Relish/GSC
Aug 27, 2010: Aloha Noni
Aug 26, 2010: Royal Jelly & You
Aug 13, 2010: Omega 3-6-9
Aug 06, 2010: Integrated Noni
Aug 05, 2010: Benefits of Nutrition
Jul 30, 2010: Benefits of Berries
Jul 27, 2010: Cancer Support & 13C
Jul 22, 2010: Brain Health From the Beginning
Jul 16, 2010: Senior Health
Jul 15, 2010: Core Health
Jul 12, 2010: HC: Cowboy Cookies
Jul 06, 2010: High Blood Pressure
Jul 02, 2010: IBS & IBD
Jul 01, 2010: Stress & Your Health
Jun 30, 2010: Breaking Addictions
Jun 18, 2010: The Buzz About Royal Jelly
Jun 10, 2010: Dr. Blaylock and Magnesium
Jun 09, 2010: D3
Jun 07, 2010: HC: Fresh Tuna; Fish Oil
Jun 03, 2010: Fighting Fatigue
May 28, 2010: Intestinal Dysbiosis
May 26, 2010: Magnesium: The Miracle Mineral
May 25, 2010: Diabetes: The American Epidemic
May 21, 2010: Superfoods
May 05, 2010: Heart Smart Alternatives
May 04, 2010: Beneficial Bacteria
May 03, 2010: Cancer Free 2010
Apr 30, 2010: Challenge Cancer
Apr 26, 2010: HC: Mixed Green Salad; Cancer Week
Apr 23, 2010: Grape Seed Benefits
Apr 22, 2010: Mushrooms and Your Health
Apr 19, 2010: HC: Salmon/Pain Week
Apr 16, 2010: Quenching GERD
Apr 15, 2010: Handling Heavy Metals
Apr 14, 2010: Natural Hormone Support
Apr 12, 2010: HC: Teriyaki Tofu
Apr 09, 2010: Noni-Nature's Answer to Pain
Apr 08, 2010: Natural Cancer Strategies
Apr 07, 2010: Neurological Wonder of Ginkgo
Apr 06, 2010: Cholesterol Control
Apr 05, 2010: HC: Tofu/Neuro Support Week
Mar 31, 2010: Fish Oil and You
Mar 29, 2010: HC: Entree Salad/ Shingles
Mar 23, 2010: Celiac Disease
Mar 22, 2010: HC: Classic Russian Borscht/Indole-3-Carbinol
Mar 19, 2010: Hormones & Health
Mar 18, 2010: Mighty Mushrooms
Mar 17, 2010: Diabetes Support
Mar 15, 2010: HC: Jeni's Basil Roma Panini
Mar 12, 2010: Because You Asked Pt 3
Mar 09, 2010: Benefits of Vitamin C
Mar 08, 2010: HC: Quinoa/Flaxseed
Mar 08, 2010: HC: Organic Foods/Infection Week
Mar 05, 2010: Bioflavonoids
Mar 04, 2010: Olive Leaf
Mar 01, 2010: HC: Portobello Wraps/Olive Leaf
Feb 26, 2010: Chronic Fungal Infections
Feb 25, 2010: Nutrients for Health
Feb 24, 2010: Dr. Draznin on Diabetes
Feb 23, 2010: Your Health Questions 4
Feb 22, 2010: HC: Garbanzo Stir Fry; Diabetes Week
Feb 19, 2010: Acai: Amazonian Elixir
Feb 18, 2010: Probiotics for Life
Feb 17, 2010: Resveratrol
Feb 16, 2010: Your Health Questions 3
Feb 15, 2010: HC: Texas Chili/Antioxidants
Feb 03, 2010: Immunity & You
Jan 11, 2010: HC: Black Bean Burger/Inositol
May 23, 2003: Best of Doug Kaufmann


The loss of muscle mass is discussed. read more

Grapeseed Complex

Subject: grape seed. read more

Hormone Balance

Subject: hormonal wellness. read more

Surviving Celiac

Celiac disease is discussed. read more

Pearls for Chronic Yeast

Yeast-related health issues are discussed. read more

The Facts About Fiber

Fiber is the subject. read more

Olive Leaf & You

Topic: olive leaf. read more

CoQ10 & the Heart

Topic: heart health. read more

Handling Heartburn

Topic: heartburn. read more

Eye Health

Topic: eye health. read more

HC: Bread/Family Health Week

Included: healthy-choice bread; family-theme wellness tips. read more

Noni & You

The noni fruit is spotlighted. read more

Gastrointestinal Health

Gastrointestinal well-being is the topic. read more

Combating Cholesterol

Cholesterol is the subject. read more

Bounty of the Bees

Included: the buzz on bees. read more

Musculoskeletal Health

Muscular and skeletal systems are discussed. read more

Prime-Time Health

Dr. William Sears sheds light on senior health. read more

Yeast & IBS

Topics include yeast and abdominal syndromes. read more

HC: Scones/D3

Included: a healthy-choice sampling of scones. read more

Superfruits and You

Subject: superfruits. read more

Diabetes Directives

Diabetes is discussed. read more

Building With Bacteria

Topic: bacteria. read more

Raising a Healthy Child

Child-based health tips are offered. read more

Fundamentals of Diabetes

Diabetes is addressed. read more

Astragalus & You

The astragalus herb is discussed. read more

Recurrent Infections

Subject: infections. read more

Medicine and Your Health

Topic: medicine. read more

The Magnesium Marvel

Magnesium is discussed. read more

B Vitamins

Subject: B vitamins. read more

Hope for a Healthy Heart

Subject: heart health. read more

Investigating Inflammation

Topic: inflammation. read more

Love Your Liver

Wellness pointers for the liver are offered. read more

Coenzyme Q10/B1G1

Included: a look at coenzyme Q10. read more

Mushrooms & You

Topic: mushrooms. read more

Electromagnetic Pollution

Electromagnetic pollution is addressed. read more

More Natural Cardio Support

Topic: cardio support. read more


Topic: oregano. read more

Handling Headaches

Headaches are the topic. read more

HC: Detox---The Healthy Way Pt. 1

Part 1 of 2. Healthy detoxification is the subject. read more

Superfruits of the World

Topic: superfruits. read more


A look at tofu and flavonoids. read more

HC: Tuscan Ribollita

A healthy Tuscan dish is served. read more

Grapes and Your Health

Subject: grapes. read more

Food Additives

Topic: food additives. read more

Acai Today

Spotlighting the acai berry. read more

Gifts From the Kitchen

Cuisine-related gifts. read more

Arthritis and You

Topic: arthritis. read more

Children's Health

Subject: the health of children. read more

HC: Vegetable Cobbler/Questions

Vegetable cobbler is the healthy-choice culinary item. read more

HC: Holiday Pumpkin Pie

On the menu: pumpkin pie. read more

Amino Acids and You

A summary of amino acids. read more

Vitamin D and Your Health

An overview of Vitamin D. read more

HC: Cranberry Relish/GSC

A healthy cranberry relish is on the menu. read more

Aloha Noni

The noni fruit is the topic. read more

Royal Jelly & You

Royal jelly is the subject. read more

Omega 3-6-9

The health benefits of fatty acids, such as omega-3, are detailed. read more

Integrated Noni

Subject: the noni fruit. read more

Benefits of Nutrition

Subject: nutrition. read more

Benefits of Berries

Berries and their health benefits are discussed. read more

Cancer Support & 13C

Information on cancer. read more

Brain Health From the Beginning

Wellness tips for the brain. read more

Senior Health

Wellness pointers for seniors are provided. read more

Core Health

Topic: core health. read more

HC: Cowboy Cookies

A sampling of cookies. read more

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is addressed. read more


Subject: gastrointestinal disorders. read more

Stress & Your Health

Stress is the subject. read more

Breaking Addictions

Topic: recovering from addiction. read more

The Buzz About Royal Jelly

Subject: royal jelly. read more

Dr. Blaylock and Magnesium

Subject: magnesium. read more


Topic: Vitamin D3. read more

HC: Fresh Tuna; Fish Oil

Fresh tuna is on the menu. Also: Fish oil is spotlighted. read more

Fighting Fatigue

Topic: overcoming fatigue. read more

Intestinal Dysbiosis

Intestinal maladies. read more

Magnesium: The Miracle Mineral

The benefits of magnesium. read more

Diabetes: The American Epidemic

The prevalence of diabetes. read more


"Superfoods." read more

Heart Smart Alternatives

Heart health is the topic. read more

Beneficial Bacteria

Helpful bacteria is the topic. read more

Cancer Free 2010

Cancer is the topic. read more

Challenge Cancer

Cancer is the subject. read more

HC: Mixed Green Salad; Cancer Week

Included: mixed green salad is on the menu. read more

Grape Seed Benefits

Topic: healthy characteristics of grape seeds. read more

Mushrooms and Your Health

Topic: health-related properties of mushrooms. read more

HC: Salmon/Pain Week

Culinary topic: salmon. read more

Quenching GERD

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is the topic. read more

Handling Heavy Metals

Topic: heavy metals. read more

Natural Hormone Support

Subject: hormone support. read more

HC: Teriyaki Tofu

On the menu: teriyaki tofu. read more

Noni-Nature's Answer to Pain

Treatments for pain are discussed. read more

Natural Cancer Strategies

Natural cancer strategies are the focus. read more

Neurological Wonder of Ginkgo

The health benefits of ginkgo biloba are detailed. read more

Cholesterol Control

Cholesterol-lowering tips are presented. read more

HC: Tofu/Neuro Support Week

Using tofu in recipes. read more

Fish Oil and You

The benefits of fish oil are detailed. read more

HC: Entree Salad/ Shingles

Preparing a salad as a meal. Also: a look at shingles. read more

Celiac Disease

Topic: celiac disease. read more

HC: Classic Russian Borscht/Indole-3-Carbinol

Russian borscht is served up. Also: the scoop on Indole-3-carbinol. read more

Hormones & Health

Subject: hormones. read more

Mighty Mushrooms

Subject: mushrooms. read more

Diabetes Support

Topic: diabetes. read more

HC: Jeni's Basil Roma Panini

A basil-based panini is sampled. read more

Because You Asked Pt 3

Health inquiries are fielded. read more

Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the topic. read more

HC: Quinoa/Flaxseed

The benefits of quinoa and flaxseed are discussed. read more

HC: Organic Foods/Infection Week

Included: organic foods. read more


Topic: bioflavonoids. read more

Olive Leaf

Subject: the olive leaf. read more

HC: Portobello Wraps/Olive Leaf

Included: a sampling of portobello wraps. read more

Chronic Fungal Infections

A discussion of fungal infections. read more

Nutrients for Health

Nutrients are spotlighted. read more

Dr. Draznin on Diabetes

Diabetes is discussed. read more

Your Health Questions 4

Viewers' health questions are fielded. read more

HC: Garbanzo Stir Fry; Diabetes Week

A recipe for a garbanzo stir-fry. Also: Diabetes is spotlighted. read more

Acai: Amazonian Elixir

The benefits of the acai berry are explored. read more

Probiotics for Life

Topic: probiotics. read more


Nutritional information on resveratrol. read more

Your Health Questions 3

Health inquiries are fielded. read more

HC: Texas Chili/Antioxidants

A sampling of Texas chili. Also: a segment on antioxidants. read more

Immunity & You

Topic: biological defenses. read more

HC: Black Bean Burger/Inositol

A sampling of black-bean burgers. Also: Inositol is spotlighted. read more

Best of Doug Kaufmann

Previously aired segments are featured. read more

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