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Writer's Draft
00:16 — Writer's Draft promo clip.
Simon Beaufoy of Slumdog Millionaire
04:03 — In this Emmy Award winning episode, screenwriter Simon Beaufoy discusses how, while writing in India, he discovered an entirely new way of adapting th (more…)
Robert Siegel of The Wrestler
04:02 — Robert Siegel discusses writing the screenplay based on Randy 'The Ram' Robinson attempting to build a life outside the wrestling ring.
Kurt Sutter
05:01 — Kurt Sutter discusses how Shakepeares Hamlet influenced the planning and writing process of the fourth season of SONS OF ANARCHY.
Phil Johnston of 'Cedar Rapids'
06:47 — Phil Johnston reveals how he drew on his own experiences, shades of his own personality and acquaintances from his life to create the characters of CE (more…)
Amanda Silver & Rick Jaffa
05:36 — Amanda Silver & Rick Jaffa reveal how real life stories of chimps raised by humans provided the inspiration for re-imagining the "Planet Of The Apes" (more…)
Louis C.K. of Louie
03:47 — Louis C.K. discusses how writing his stand-up routine generates stories for his FX comedy series Louie.
Adam Reed of Archer
03:27 — Adam Reed discusses working with voice actors to incorporate ad-libs into the script of the new FX animated comedy spy series Archer.
Kazuo Ishiguro and Alex Garland of NEVER LET ME GO
05:37 — Novelist Kazuo Ishiguro and screenwriter Alex Garland discuss how their friendship influenced the deliberate structure and pacing of the screenplay.
Kelly Fremon of Post Grad
02:45 — Kelly Fremon relates how her real life experiences as a post graduate struggling in the job market led to her screenplay being made into a movie.
Shauna Cross of Whip It
03:01 — Discover the process writer Shauna Cross experienced after joining a female roller derby league and how this led to writing, pitching and developing t (more…)
Mike Reiss of My Life in Ruins
04:02 — Mike Reiss describes the journey his short story went through after 37 magazine rejections before becoming the screenplay of My Life in Ruins.
Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
04:34 — Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day discuss the process of creating It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, by independently writing, shooting a (more…)
Scott Cooper of "Crazy Heart"
04:30 — Scott Cooper discusses the journey of writing, directing and producing this personal story of a country musician on the fringe of the music industry.