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Latest Episode: WordWorld: Race to the Spaceship/Sandbox Surprise

Jan 17, 2011 Season 5 Episode 8 watch on Hulu Plus (Subscription)

Frog must help Robot get to the top of WordWorld's highest mountain and build a spaceship in time to play spaceship tag. Duck and Dog become curious about compound words.

The Christmas Star / A Christmas Present for Dog

Dec 01, 2008 Season 1 Episode 27

It's the night before Christmas and Frog needs a star to hang on his Christmas tree. Duck thinks this will be the perfect present for Frog and tries to lasso one out of the sky for him. Try as he might, Duck is unable to catch a star for Frog and cries himself to sleep.
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The Christmas Star / A Christmas Present for Dog

Dec 01, 2008 Season 1 Episode 26

It's the night before Christmas and Frog needs a star to hang on his Christmas tree. Duck thinks this will be the perfect present for Frog and tries to lasso one out of the sky for him. Try as he might, Duck is unable to catch a star for Frog and cries himself to sleep. But while he sleeps, someone leaves him a wonderful present: the letters S-T-A-R. It's Christmas morning, and all the WordFriends are excited by the presents Santa has brought for them! Pig has a sled, Bear has a doll, and Ant has a cookie. But not all the letters for Dog's present came down his chimney. All he has is a B-A-L. Bear gets filled with the Christmas spirit and makes a sacrifice to ensure Dog's Christmas will be merry!
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WordWorld: A Kooky Spooky Halloween/Sheep's Halloween Costum...

Oct 06, 2008 Season 1 Episode 25

The WordFriends get their share of scares the night before Halloween, when PIG sleepwalks and everyone thinks he's a ghost! Sheep is making herself a super special fairy costume to wear for the big Halloween party.
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The Lost Letter L / Catch That C!

Aug 18, 2008 Season 1 Episode 24

When Duck accidentally breaks the "L" off Frog's lamp, he decides not to tell Frog. Instead, he'll just fix it himself. Although Bug and Dog try to help, things spiral out of control, and soon Duck has broken a lamp, a lever and even Frog's log! Duck learns that everyone makes mistakes and admitting them sooner rather than later can make a big difference. While Pig and Ant are making cookies, their bag of letter C's gets away from them, sending the WordFriends on a wild goose chase all over WordWorld to catch that "C"! The bad news is that the letter C is in big demand that day. But the good news is that Pig and Ant have a lot of WordFriends who want to help them out!
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Flying Ant / The Dancing Duck Bonanza

Jul 07, 2008 Season 1 Episode 23

WordWorld is all abuzz, today is the Insect Air Show! All the bugs in WordWorld take to the sky to show off their flying skills. All the insects, that is, except ant, who can't fly. But ant is a smart, industrious WordFriend, and with the help of his best pal Pig, he finds just the right word to give him the lift he needs to be the hit of the show. Duck encourages Shark, who is a great underwater dancer, to dance in his show. When Shark comes up on land to practice, he flops all over the stage like a, well, a fish out of water. But the show must go on! Duck must find a way to put on his show and include Shark.
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Play Ball! / M Is for Map

Jun 24, 2008 Season 1 Episode 22

The WordFriends play an exciting game of baseball, but Robot has never played before. With some practice, and a lot of encouragement from his WordFriends, Robot learns the game and turns into a slugging machine! After a fun day of adventuring through the jungle, Sheep and Bear discover they are lost, and it's almost dark! In their haste to get home before sunset, the WordFriends lose the letters to their map. They have to sound out and hunt down the letters in "map" but with Adventure Sheep leading the way, nothing is ever easy!
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Bit By Bit / Ride 'em, Cowbear!

Jun 23, 2008 Season 1 Episode 21

It is Monkey's birthday, and a sick Frog entrusts Duck and Bug to take his present "a banana" to Monkey's birthday party for him. In their enthusiasm to get to the party, Duck and Bug accidentally break the banana into letters and they don't know how to rebuild it! It's just too big a word. Fortunately Elephant knows a thing or two about big words, and teaches them to build the banana back, bit by bit, based on the three syllables in the word. Pig, Dog and Duck are playing cowboys. Bear wants to join them, but gets frustrated when she learns she's not very good at rope tricks. Dog won't let her sulk though, and after much practice Bear is a rootin-tootin CowBear! And just in time, Pig and Duck have herded Cow into the mud!
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Back On Track / The Rainbow Birthday Cake

May 23, 2008 Season 1 Episode 20

While looking through his telescope, Frog notices that Kangaroo's mail train is headed straight for a broken track! He has to rely on Bear and her tiny new tricycle to get him there to fix the track on time. And as if the tricycle isn't tiny enough, Dog, Duck, and ant and all his cousins climb on board to lend a hand. Will they make it in time? It is Frog's birthday, and Duck wants to make him a big, beautiful birthday cake frosted in the colors of the rainbow. Such a cake requires lots of cans of frosting, and Duck learns he can't just throw cans anywhere - they must be recycled. In WordWorld, recycling means using the letters in a discarded word to make other words, such as can-dle - which is just what Duck needs for Frog's cake!
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Playing Spies / Wee Little Whale

May 05, 2008 Season 1 Episode 18

When Sheep and Duck think that Dog has a secret, they decide to play "spy" to figure out the mystery. As they secretly watch Dog, they discover he wants to build a word with the /oo/ sound. But will they be caught before they can guess Dog's secret? Sheep rescues a tiny whale who is stuck in some seaweed and brings her home to her haystack. They quickly become best of friends. But as Whale gets bigger and bigger, outgrowing Sheep's tea cups, bathtubs and pools, Sheep realizes she must return her WordFriend to the sea. Although Whale may be big, her friendship with Sheep proves to be bigger, and the two discover a way to continue to play together: They just have to build a word!
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Superhero Sheep / Pirate Ship

Apr 08, 2008 Season 1 Episode 17

Sheep becomes WordWorld's first superhero, saving the day with the letter S! Duck is eager to be her trusty sidekick, but Sheep repeatedly points out that "superheroes don't need help." But Sheep learns that everyone needs help sometimes when she gets stuck on top of Pig's barn, and it's up to Duck to save her. While playing on the beach, Sheep, Duck and Shark find a message in a bottle. It's one of several rhyming clues that will lead them to a special treasure! Like hearty pirates, the trio follows the clues and rhyme their way across the sea if only they had a ship!
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Castles in the Sea / Get Your Coat

Apr 07, 2008 Season 1 Episode 16

While playing in the sand on the beach, Duck and Shark discover the perfect home for Shark: a sand castle! But why, oh why, does it disappear every night while Shark is sleeping? When the WordFriends try to hunt down the castle thief, they learn about tides and waves' from a singing Crab. Duck thinks Frog doesn't want to play in the rain because Duck accidentally broke Frog's boat. But the real reason is that Frog doesn't like the rain. Duck learns all about words that end with "oat" before finally coming across a word that will allow Frog to play outside in the rain: a coat!
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Pig's Present / Tick Tock Space Clock

Mar 21, 2008 Season 1 Episode 15

It's Pig's birthday and his nephews, the three little pigs, are making him a secret present. Although Pig promises not to peek, his curiosity gets the better of him and wreaks havoc all over WordWorld. Will Pig ever learn to be patient? When a mysterious rocket lands in WordWorld, Duck pledges to help Robot track down a very important clock. He searches all over WordWorld, listening for the special sound that will lead Robot to the clock that will save his home planet.
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Pl-Pl-Plane! / Mail Mix-Up

Mar 03, 2008 Season 1 Episode 14

Frog and the "All Bug Band" are headed to have some fun on the beach, but not everything goes as Frog had planned. Frog loses the letters "PL" from his plane and must search through the jungle to find them. After some crazy jungle adventures (including a run-in with a giant Frog-kissing plant), Frog realizes that fun doesn't always have to be planned! Duck offers to help Kangaroo deliver letters to his WordFriends, but he forgets Kangaroo's instructions and delivers the wrong letters to everyone. Duck discovers that there sure are a lot of words that end with the sound "ail" such as NAIL, PAIL and SAIL and that they sure can't be used interchangeably!
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Radio Read-a-Thon / Robots to the Rescue!

Feb 15, 2008 Season 1 Episode 13

Duck asks Frog to read his favorite book on ant's radio station because he can't read it himself. But when Frog's tongue gets tangled in knots, Duck realizes that he doesn't need to know how to read to be able to look at pictures and tell a great story. When Frog discovers that you can make a word "more than one" by adding the letter S to the end of it, he becomes a mad scientist of sorts, making more and more of everything! Frog learns that while having a lot of stuff might seem like a good idea, too much of anything soon leads to chaos. Frog fortunately has a robot who likes to clean up!
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W Drought / Princess Sheep

Jan 31, 2008 Season 1 Episode 12

It's a hot summer day, and all the WordFriends are using water to stay cool. But all the letter W's start to disappear, and you can't have "water" without the letter W! Sheep leads the gang in the hunt to discover just who's causing the "W" drought. Bear and Sheep want to play princess, but they only have one crown. Although Sheep promises to take turns wearing the crown and being princess, she gets royally carried away playing her role. It is only after she hurts Bear's feelings that Sheep learns that a true princess isn't selfish but kind and generous instead.
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Boppin' with the Bug Band / Shuffleword

Nov 26, 2007 Season 1 Episode 11

Ant is having a bad showcase on his radio show and while Bug, Fly and bee have some really good music, they need a lot of help with lyrics.
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Dancing Dog / Pig's Big Moonlight Feast

Oct 17, 2007 Season 1 Episode 10

It's the day of the WordWorld Concert and no one is more excited than Dog - he loves music. Unfortunately, he can't play an instrument.
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Duck's First Sleepover Party / One Hat Fits All

Oct 10, 2007 Season 1 Episode 9

Duck attends his first sleep-over party, but he's nervous about not sleeping in his nest for the first time. After a long night of fun games his friends calm his anxiety by building him a soft, fluffy nest.
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Snug as a Bug / Nightlight

Sep 18, 2007 Season 1 Episode 8

Frog helps insomniac Bug figure out the end of the rhyme "snug as a bug in a ..." so that Bug can get some sleep. The rest of WordWorld is trying to sleep, but Bear is keeping everyone awake with her all-night racket. When her WordFriends try to get her to go to sleep, they soon realize that Bear is afraid of the dark.
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Dog's Camping Trip / V is for Vacation

Sep 17, 2007 Season 1 Episode 7

Pig and Frog take Dog on his first camping trip. When they lose one of the letters to their tent, it's Dog who overcomes his fear and finds it in the dark forest...along with a monster!
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Pies, Pies, Pies! / Waterlogged!

Sep 14, 2007 Season 1 Episode 6

When Pig promises to make a pie for everyone in WordWorld, he learns a hard lesson about keeping promises. Fortunately, he also learns about the letter S and how it can make words plural.
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Sh-Sh-Shark! / Dog Wants to Play Ball

Sep 13, 2007 Season 1 Episode 5

Shark is misunderstood. Everyone is afraid of him and won't even give him a chance to prove he's friendly. Everyone but Duck, that is, who doesn't know that the letters s and h together make the /sh/ sound, and therefore doesn't know who Shark is.
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WordWorld: The Mystery of the Disappearing Pie/Duck's Family...

Sep 06, 2007 Season 1 Episode 4

When Pig's pie for Bear goes missing, it's up to Detective Sheep to follow the letter clues and solve the mystery! Silliness rules the day when Duck comes to believe that a truck is his long-lost cousin just because they have similar-sounding names!
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WordWorld: Rocket to the Moon/The Birds

Sep 05, 2007 Season 1 Episode 3

When Frog needs to rescue the little piggies from the moon, he learns to appreciate lowercase letters. Sheep discovers a large egg and has to take care of it until she can find Bird and return it to its rightful owner.
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WordWorld: There's an Ant in Every Giant/Chef Sheep

Sep 04, 2007 Season 1 Episode 2

Ant is tired of being the smallest WordFriend in WordWorld so he adds "GI" to his name and becomes a GIANT! During his cooking show, Chef Pig gets a pot stuck on his face so there is no pot to cook in and no chef to do the cooking!
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WordWorld: Runaway O/Happy Birthday, Dog!

Sep 03, 2007 Season 1 Episode 1

Bear and Sheep snoop around a box delivered to Cat and break it! The letters B-O-X scatter, sending the WordFriends on a crazy chase to catch the runaway letter O. It's Dog's birthday! His friends are planning a surprise party, but they don't have a cake!
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