Mon Aug 31 6:30pm
Becky Knows Best; As Something as Something PBS

TJ doesn't want Becky's help in a school writing contest that she's won numerous times; and the villainous Seymour Smooth hosts a game show that parts contestants from their prized possessions.

Tue Sep 1 6:30pm
The Ordinary, Extraordinary Botsfords; The Penny, the Pony, and the Pirate PBS

Becky creates a family tree for a class project; and attends a rare penny exhibit with Mr. Botsford and TJ that is interrupted by Captain Tangent, who wants to steal all the doubloons.

Wed Sep 2 6:30pm
Pineapple of My Eye; Big Baby PBS

Becky has to prepare pineapple pistachio coleslaw for the Botsford family's annual barbecue, but runs into a problem: Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy is out to rid the city of pineapples. Also: Becky hopes to make money from plant-sitting in order to bu (more…)

Thu Sep 3 6:30pm
Staycation; Dr. No-Voice PBS

The Botsford family's planned vacation is ruined when a snowstorm causes their flight to be canceled; and their resulting "staycation" may be ruined for Becky by Mr. Big's latest mind-control scheme. Later, a hoarse Dr. Two-Brains hires a voice actor to ac (more…)

Fri Sep 4 6:30pm
Patch Game; Girls' Day Out Throws Chuck PBS

It's Becky vs. Tobey in a contest to win the key to the city; and Chuck goes on a crime spree while Becky is away at a spa.

Mon Sep 7 6:30pm
What Would WordGirl Do; Granny's Corner PBS

Becky, Bob, TJ and Johnson accompany Mrs. Botsford on her errands so that they can visit the water park. To pass the time, TJ and Johnson ponder how WordGirl would respond if a villain were to appear. Later, Granny May hosts an advice show, but her "advice (more…)

Tue Sep 8 6:30pm
Trustworthy Tobey; The Tooth Hurts PBS

Becky blames Tobey when she's missing a library book; and Becky embarrasses Scoops, who vows revenge.

Wed Sep 9 6:30pm
A Sticky Situation; Eight Legs vs. Two Brains PBS

WordGirl is glued to TJ while Granny May runs amok; and Becky cares for the class pet, a tarantula.

Thu Sep 10 6:30pm
Time-Out With Two-Brains; Dr. WordGirl-Brains PBS

Becky cares for the class pet, a tarantula; and Dr. Two-Brains freezes time in order to prevent his beloved cheese from expiring.

Fri Sep 11 6:30pm
Tim Botsford: Neighborhood Assistant; Set Sail for the Bake Sale PBS

Becky hurts Mr. Botsford's feelings when she tells him she doesn't need his help; and Nocan the Contrarian tries to steal all the granola bars from the debate club's bake sale.