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Mon Jul 25 6:30pm
The Pretty Princess and Mr. Big Power Hour; Clean Up in Aisle Eleven PBS

WordGirl thinks her dreams have come true when it seems she's in a "Pretty Princess" episode, until she realizes that it's actually a Mr. Big scheme; Bob fills in for WordGirl at a ribbon-cutting ceremony so Becky can take part in her debate club.

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Tue Jul 26 6:30pm
When Chuck's Mom Is Away...; That's Entertainment PBS

Two-Brains invites himself and the other villains over to Chuck's house when Chuck's left alone; WordGirl battles the Energy Monster after he escapes from prison and interrupts the Botsfords' family TV time.

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Wed Jul 27 6:30pm
Victoria Best; Showdown at the Secret Spaceship Hideout PBS

A new student collects all but one of the trophies doled out at a school assembly, and the one she didn't win---Becky's---soon goes missing. Later, WordGirl battles Dr. Two Brains for control of his snooze-ray and her secret spaceship hideout.

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Thu Jul 28 6:30pm
Captain Tangent; Chuck and Brent Ride Again PBS

Becky butts head with a new villain, Capt. Tangent, while at dinner with her family at Blackbeard's Buffet. Later, Chuck makes his brother Brent his sidekick, but their robbery of a sub shop goes wrong when the owner and Brent begin talking about sandwich- (more…)

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Fri Jul 29 6:30pm
Sparkling Clean; The Smile Collector PBS

Becky uses her WordGirl powers to complete her chores so that she can watch TV; and Becky has to choose between being a friend to Violet and protecting the city from Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy.

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Mon Aug 1 6:30pm
Bend It Like Becky; Questionable Behavior PBS

Becky's and Dr. Two-Brains' soccer teams battle on the soccer field when they both book it for the same day; Ms. Question blackmails everyone, including WordGirl.

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Tue Aug 2 6:30pm
The Straw That Broke Two Brains' Back; Nocan the Evil Ingredient Finding Guy PBS

Becky's Pretty Princess documentary takes a backseat to Dr. Two Brains' mischief; nothing goes according to plan for Chuck after he hires Nocan the Contrarian to assist him in a sandwich-making contest.

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Wed Aug 3 6:30pm
The Rise of Miss Power PBS

Parts 1 of 2 of 4. Miss Power, a new superhero, arrives in town, but she unleashes her wrath on everyone, not just villains.

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Thu Aug 4 6:30pm
The Rise of Miss Power PBS

Parts 3 and 4 of 4. Miss Power bullies WordGirl and strips her of her superhero star.

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Fri Aug 5 6:30pm
A Sticky Situation; Eight Legs vs. Two Brains PBS

WordGirl is glued to TJ while Granny May runs amok; and Becky cares for the class pet, a tarantula.

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