Tue Jul 7 6:30pm
What Would WordGirl Do; Granny's Corner PBS

Becky, Bob, TJ and Johnson accompany Mrs. Botsford on her errands so that they can visit the water park. To pass the time, TJ and Johnson ponder how WordGirl would respond if a villain were to appear. Later, Granny May hosts an advice show, but her "advice (more…)

Wed Jul 8 6:30pm
Pineapple of My Eye; Big BabyNew PBS

Becky has to prepare pineapple pistachio coleslaw for the Botsford family's annual barbecue, but runs into a problem: Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy is out to rid the city of pineapples. Also: Becky hopes to make money from plant-sitting in order to bu (more…)

Thu Jul 9 6:30pm
Backyard Camping; Castle! Dungeon! Fortress! So? PBS

The Energy Monster scares Becky, Violet and TJ when they go camping in the Botsford backyard; and the Whammer and Invisi-Bill form an alliance when everyone, superheroes and villains alike, enjoy a day at the beach.

Fri Jul 10 6:30pm
Staycation; Dr. No-VoiceNew PBS

The Botsford family's planned vacation is ruined when a snowstorm causes their flight to be canceled; and their resulting "staycation" may be ruined for Becky by Mr. Big's latest mind-control scheme. Later, a hoarse Dr. Two-Brains hires a voice actor to ac (more…)

Mon Jul 13 6:30pm
Day at the Museum; Best Fan Club Meeting Ever PBS

Scoops, Becky, Bob and Violet search for haunted treasure; Tobey threatens to destroy the International WordGirl Fan Club clubhouse.

Tue Jul 14 6:30pm
WordBot; Mt. Rushhere PBS

Tobey builds a robot replica of WordGirl that he names WordBot; all the grown-ups go missing.

Wed Jul 15 6:30pm
Trustworthy Tobey; The Tooth HurtsNew PBS

Becky blames Tobey when she's missing a library book; and Becky embarrasses Scoops, who vows revenge.

Thu Jul 16 6:30pm
Becky and the Bard; Monkey Robot Showdown PBS

Violet and Becky both want to star in a school play; Tobey enters his Checkmate 3000 in a contest, but it snaps, leaving it to WordGirl and Capt. Huggy Face to save the day.

Fri Jul 17 6:30pm
Time-Out With Two-Brains; Dr. WordGirl-BrainsNew PBS

Becky cares for the class pet, a tarantula; and Dr. Two-Brains freezes time in order to prevent his beloved cheese from expiring.

Mon Jul 20 6:30pm
My Dad, My Teacher, My Dad, My Teacher; Castle! Dungeon! Fortress! So? PBS

Becky has a new substitute teacher: her dad. It's not a situation that pleases her, but she soon realizes that parental issues are common when, as WordGirl, she faces the Butcher and his dad, Kid Potato. Later, Becky has trouble with a new card game that V (more…)