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Mon Sep 26 6:30pm
A Vote for Becky; Class Act PBS

The Season 2 premiere finds Becky and Tobey both running for student council president. Then, the Butcher enrolls in an adult-education class to brush up on the word skills he needs to be a top-notch criminal.

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Tue Sep 27 6:30pm
Theme Park Wham-Page; Chuck Makes a Buck PBS

Becky's chance to ride a new ride at the amusement park is jeopardized when the Whammer arrives and raises havoc; WordGirl tries to help Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy go straight by getting him a job with Edible Edibles Sandwiches.

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Wed Sep 28 6:30pm
Highway to Havarti; Tiny Big PBS

Becky's family vacation is upended when she learns that Dr. Two-Brains is plotting a heist at the International Cheese Exposition; and Mr. Big creates a teen idol, Tiny Big, to part people from their money.

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Thu Sep 29 6:30pm
I Think I'm a Clone Now; Answer All My Questions and Win Stuff PBS

Lady Redundant Woman creates a nefarious copy of WordGirl in an attempt to ruin her do-gooder reputation; WordGirl is on the case when a new game show turns out to be a plot to steal money from the contestants.

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Fri Sep 30 6:30pm
The Ordinary, Extraordinary Botsfords; The Penny, the Pony, and the Pirate PBS

Becky creates a family tree for a class project; and attends a rare penny exhibit with Mr. Botsford and TJ that is interrupted by Captain Tangent, who wants to steal all the doubloons.

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Mon Oct 3 6:30pm
Bonkers for Bingo; The Ballad of Steve McClean PBS

WordGirl challenges the town's new bingo champion, Granny May, to a match to make sure she's not cheating; Dr. Two-Brains teams with WordGirl to defeat a snazzy new villain named Steve McClean.

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Tue Oct 4 6:30pm
Pretty Princess Premiere; Where's Huggy? PBS

The Energy Monster may cause Becky to miss the movie premiere of her favorite cartoon, "The Pretty Princess"; WordGirl is on the case when Bob goes missing.

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Wed Oct 5 6:30pm
Robo-Camping; The Stew, the Proud... PBS

Tobey takes his robots on a camping trip with Becky and Violet, thinking he can use them to do his work. But a thunderstorm may spoil his plan. Also: Becky needs to return her library books, but a Raul Demiglasse-Butcher showdown may waylay her.

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Thu Oct 6 6:30pm
Who Wants Candy?; Chuck's Brother PBS

A field trip to a candy factory brings out Birthday Girl, whose candy-chomping ways endanger the city's candy supplies; Chuck is jealous of his brother Brent, who's to be honored for inventing crustless bread.

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Fri Oct 7 6:30pm
News Girl; Diorama Drama: The Scene of the Crime PBS

A new girl at school fancies herself a reporter, which could spell trouble for WordGirl; and Becky dreads making a diorama for school because she thinks she's no good at art.

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