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Tue Aug 30 6:30pm
It's Your Party and I'll Cry If I Want To; Becky's Bad-itude PBS

Becky is down in the dumps when she's not invited to Katy's birthday party, but she may not be the only one not on the guest list: an upset Tobey sends his robots on a citywide rampage. Later, Mr. Botsford gets Becky tickets for a concert that she'd rather (more…)

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Wed Aug 31 6:30pm
First One to Win Wins; A Little Bigger WordGirl PBS

WordGirl battles the Butcher, who's stolen Mrs. Von Hoosinghaus' poodle; Dr. Two-Brains captures WordGirl and prepares to shrink her to the size of a mouse.

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Thu Sep 1 6:30pm
A Curious Case of Curiosity; There's No V in Team PBS

Ms. Question zaps Mrs. Botsford with the Curiosity Field Creator, which makes her unable to not ask questions; and Victoria Best plots revenge when Becky causes her to lose the city quiz bowl.

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Fri Sep 2 6:30pm
Pineapple of My Eye; Big Baby PBS

Becky has to prepare pineapple pistachio coleslaw for the Botsford family's annual barbecue, but runs into a problem: Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy is out to rid the city of pineapples. Also: Becky hopes to make money from plant-sitting in order to bu (more…)

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Mon Sep 5 6:30pm
Sparkling Clean; The Smile Collector PBS

Becky uses her WordGirl powers to complete her chores so that she can watch TV; and Becky has to choose between being a friend to Violet and protecting the city from Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy.

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Tue Sep 6 6:30pm
A Few Words From WordGirl; Ears to You PBS

WordGirl is asked to give a speech on Inspiration Day, but worries she won't live up to expectations; WordGirl tries to stop Mr. Big's latest mind-control plot, which involves squishy bunny ears.

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Wed Sep 7 6:30pm
Accordion to Tradition; Can't Touch This PBS

Becky inherits Mrs. Botsford's old accordion, but her practice is interrupted by Granny May, who's cracking safes all across town; and Becky's family stumbles across WordGirl's secret hideout while on a hike in the woods.

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Thu Sep 8 6:30pm
El Queso Misterioso; Putt With Honor PBS

Becky's father wants the family to spend a day together at a magic convention, but Dr. Two-Brains is causing trouble across town; Becky discovers that Eileen is cheating in a mini-golf tournament that TJ hopes to win.

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Fri Sep 9 6:30pm
Staycation; Dr. No-Voice PBS

The Botsford family's planned vacation is ruined when a snowstorm causes their flight to be canceled; and their resulting "staycation" may be ruined for Becky by Mr. Big's latest mind-control scheme. Later, a hoarse Dr. Two-Brains hires a voice actor to ac (more…)

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Mon Sep 12 6:30pm
Kid Math, Part 1; Kid Math, Part 2 PBS

In the Season 7 premiere, WordGirl tutors Kid Math, a superhero who hails from the planet Hexagon, on how to be a superhero on Earth. The lessons take on an added urgency due to Dr. Two-Brains, who's plotting to turn the entire city into cheese.

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