Wed Jun 3 6:30pm
A Curious Case of Curiosity; There's No V in TeamNew PBS

Ms. Question zaps Mrs. Botsford with the Curiosity Field Creator, which makes her unable to not ask questions; and Victoria Best plots revenge when Becky causes her to lose the city quiz bowl.

Thu Jun 4 6:30pm
Pretty Princess Premiere; Where's Huggy? PBS

The Energy Monster may cause Becky to miss the movie premiere of her favorite cartoon, "The Pretty Princess"; WordGirl is on the case when Bob goes missing.

Fri Jun 5 6:30pm
Sparkling Clean; The Smile CollectorNew PBS

Becky uses her WordGirl powers to complete her chores so that she can watch TV; and Becky has to choose between being a friend to Violet and protecting the city from Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy.

Mon Jun 8 6:30pm
The Two Brains Boogie; Field Day Fund With Robo-Tobey PBS

Becky's excitement about the school's field-day competition turns to suspicion after Tobey wins the potato-sack race and the flexed-arm hang. WordGirl's plans to enter a "Boogie Oogie Oogie" dance contest are endangered when Dr. Two Brains threatens to tur (more…)

Tue Jun 9 6:30pm
Two Brains' Quartet; Big's Big Bounce PBS

Dr. Two Brains enters a barbershop-quartet competition in order to win the prize, a 100-year-old cheese wheel; Becky and Bob join the city's scout troop, only to discover Mr. Big is the guest troop leader.

Wed Jun 10 6:30pm
Patch Game; Girls' Day Out Throws ChuckNew PBS

It's Becky vs. Tobey in a contest to win the key to the city; and Chuck goes on a crime spree while Becky is away at a spa.

Thu Jun 11 6:30pm
Slumber Party Pooper; Line Lessons With Lady Redundant Woman PBS

Becky's first slumber party is threatened when bratty Eileen, whom she didn't invite, shows up; it's WordGirl to the rescue when Beatrice Bixby turns into Lady Redundant Woman and acts rude.

Fri Jun 12 6:30pm
A Sticky Situation; Eight Legs vs. Two BrainsNew PBS

WordGirl is glued to TJ while Granny May runs amok; and Becky cares for the class pet, a tarantula.

Mon Jun 15 6:30pm
The Rise of Miss Power PBS

Parts 1 of 2 of 4. Miss Power, a new superhero, arrives in town, but she unleashes her wrath on everyone, not just villains.

Tue Jun 16 6:30pm
The Rise of Miss Power PBS

Parts 3 and 4 of 4. Miss Power bullies WordGirl and strips her of her superhero star.