Wistful and whimsical nostalgia about a 12-year-old boy coming of age in the late 1960s and early '70s, this became a viewer favorite subsequent to its premiere following the 1988 Super Bowl. The Emmy-winning series chronicles Kevin Arnold's growing pains in a turbulent period of U.S. history and weighs his relationships with family, friends and especially the winsome Winnie next door. The pensive, witty narration by the adult Kevin is voiced by Daniel Stern.


Guest Stars

Lindsay Sloane
Alice, Alice Pedermeir
Doug, Doug Porter
English Teacher, Miss White, Mrs. Heimer
Al, Al Pfeiffer, Alvin, Alvin Pfeiffer
Madeline, Madeline Adams
Paula Marshall
Bonnie, Bonnie Douglas
Wart, Wayne's Friend
Mr. Altman, Mr. Glavin
Michael Paul Chan
Chef, Chong, Mr. Chong
Purdle, Purdle the Turtle
Andy Milder
Howie, Howie Needleman
Ida, Ida Pfeiffer
Debbie, Paul's Sister
Mr. Nestor, Nestor
Pat Crawford Brown
Mrs. Ruebner, Teacher
Peter Billingsley
Mickey, Micky Spiegel
Nick Sadowski
Seth Green
Donnelly, Jimmy Donnelly
Tony, Tony Barbella
Charlie, Charlie Barrett
Lisa, Lisa Berlini
Kisling, Tommy Kisling
Joe, Kid, Peter
Eric, Winnie's New Boyfriend
Josh Berman
Grutner, Harold Gruntner
Mary Jo, Mary Jo Genaro
Candee Jensen, Candy
Kevin's Boss, Mr. Harris
Ken, Ken Stein
Denise, Denise Lavelle
Lloyd, Lloyd Arnold
Ermin, Mr. Ermin
Brian, Brian Cooper
School Bully
Breckin Meyer
Gary, Gary Cosey
Carla Gugino
Sandy, Wayne's Girlfriend
Mr. Tyler, Tyler
Neal Pemish, Pemish
Bruce, Bruce Leegee
Coach, Coach Baker
Loan Officer
James Caviezel
Bobby Riddle, Bobby Riddle
Coach Silva, Silva
Donna, Neighbor
Jeremy Davies
Eddie, Eddie Horvath
Mr. Quaranta
Henchman, Kovinski
Mike Detweiller
Ben, Ben Aidem
Karl, Karl Gustafson
Coach, Coach Meecham
Mark, Mark Hooper
Paul Dooley
Coach, Pops
Arthur Jensen
Miss Farmer, Miss Lisa Farmer
Peggy, Peggy Kimball
Weird Mr. Lemkur
Miss Stebbins
Inga, Inga Finnstrom
Soleil Moon Frye
Mimi, Mimi Detweiler
Mr. Plenitzer, Mr. Plesnitzer
Peter, Peter Rotelli
Andrew Shue
Brian Billings, Burnout
Old Kevin, Old Kevin Arnold
Old Paul, Old Paul Pfeiffer
Sales Lady, Saleslady
Mark, Mark Bernstein
Brad, Brad Patterson
Sheila, Sheila Lackeroo
Dustin Diamond
Harris, Joey Harris
Liz Torres
Mrs. Gambino
Kaplan, Mr. Kaplan
Mark Boone Jr.
Repairman, Repairman
Frank, Frank 'The Stank' Stanavukovic
Grandpa Pfeiffer
Joey Spinoza, Spinoza
Comic, Emcee
Opal, Opal Arnold
June, June Aidem
Julie, Julie Aidem
Mrs. Carples, Piano Teacher
Neal, Neal Rhodes
Mrs. Falcinella
English Teacher, Miss Shaw
Susan, Susan Fisher
Caddie Master, Caddy Master
Miss Craw, Mrs. Craw
Mr. Corey, Mr. Cory
Marvin, Marvin Lutz
Dental Hygienist, Miss Hasenfuss
Eric, Eric Antonio
Joe the Bartender
Nerd, Stuart Carpazian
Aunt Muriel
Old Chuck, Old Chuck Coleman
Phil, Phil Stephens
Janey, Janey Aidem
Young Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.
Roger Baldwin
Robbie, Robbie Hudson
Louis, Louis Lanahan
Karen's Boyfriend
Bus Driver
Matt, Matt Stevens
Jane, Jane Gustafson
Warren, Warren Butcher
Jennifer, Jennifer Aidem
P.E. Teacher, PE Teacher
Phillip, Phillip Arnold
DMV Clerk
Ronald, Ronald Hirschmuller
Sheila, Sheila McCaffry
Margaret Farquhar
Mrs. Billings
Mr. Skenk, Skenk
Miss Herrelson, Mrs. Ruebner
Funeral Director
Marci, Marci Donovan
Pretty Girl, Waitress
Cop, Cop #2
Earth Mother
Old Jeff, Old Jeff Billings
Glidden, Mr. Glidden

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