Wistful and whimsical nostalgia about a 12-year-old boy coming of age in the late 1960s and early '70s, this became a viewer favorite subsequent to its premiere following the 1988 Super Bowl. The Emmy-winning series chronicles Kevin Arnold's growing pains in a turbulent period of U.S. history and weighs his relationships with family, friends and especially the winsome Winnie next door. The pensive, witty narration by the adult Kevin is voiced by Daniel Stern.


Guest Stars

Doug, Doug Porter
English Teacher, Miss White, Mrs. Heimer
Al, Al Pfeiffer, Alvin
Wart, Wayne's Friend
Mr. Altman, Mr. Glavin
Debbie, Paul's Sister
Mr. Nestor, Nestor
Pat Crawford Brown
Mrs. Ruebner, Teacher
Charlie, Charlie Barrett
Winnie's New Boyfriend
Kevin's Boss
School Bully
Carla Gugino
Wayne's Girlfriend
Loan Officer
Mr. Quaranta
Arthur Jensen
Weird Mr. Lemkur
Miss Stebbins
Mr. Plesnitzer
Liz Torres
Mrs. Gambino
Grandpa Pfeiffer
Piano Teacher
Mrs. Falcinella
English Teacher
Caddie Master
Dental Hygienist
Joe the Bartender
Aunt Muriel
Young Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.
Karen's Boyfriend
Bus Driver
DMV Clerk
Mrs. Billings
Funeral Director
Earth Mother