A colorful spin on Charles Moulton's comic about the Amazon goddess battling evil during World War II and later, in more recent times, against new enemies. The change came after the series jumped from ABC to CBS, with the heroine joining a covert military agency. Wonder Woman began as two TV-movies (the first in 1974 with Cathy Lee Crosby) and several specials before finding a regular prime-time home in late 1976. Debra Winger appeared occasionally as Drusilla, Wonder Woman's kid sister.


Guest Stars

Andros, Col. Robert Elliott
Leon David, Leon/David
Harrison Fynch
Paul Bjornsen
David Allen, Lampkin
Alfie, Dale Hawthorn
Dr. Barnes, John Austin
Anton, Tom Hamilton
Bo Taggart, Dr. Akers
Bryce Kandel, Roman
Ed Begley Jr.
Harold, Harold Farnum
Joseph Reichman, Thackery
Officer Fernandez
Major Cornell
Angel Velasquez
Prof. Zandor
Monty Burns
Arthur Deal/Thor
Celeste Holm
Dolly Tucker
Sheriff Bodie
Dan Fletcher
Carl Schwartz
Count Cagliostro
Lois Taggart
Carlo Indrezzati
Prof. Warren
Henry Gibson
Marion Mariposa
Ambassador Orrick
Christian Harrison
Conrad Steigler
Juliet Mills
Queen Kathryn
Justice Brown
Dr. Wilson
Hamlin Rule
Mel Ferrer
Fritz Gerlich
Michael Lerner
Ashton Ripley
Captain Louie
Del Franklin
Colonel Minh
Jack Corbin
Duane Morrisey
Dan Reynolds
Prime Minister
Lydia Moreno
J.J. MacConnell
Sergeant Dobson
Woodward Nightingale
Major Keller
Adelle Kobler
Lieutenant Mansfield
Mrs. Ellsworth
Kevin Wendall