Hugh Wilson's ensemble-driven, three-time Emmy nominee tuned in to the antics at a radio station, where an innovative program director and his predictably wacky colleagues went about changing the format from easy listening to rock and roll. The witty series had many fans, but their finding it was no easy matter as CBS seemed perpetually to be changing its time slot. Nine years after its network run, it was revamped as 'The New WKRP in Cincinnati' and ran in syndication from 1991 to 1993.

Active Cast

Gary Sandy Andy Travis
Gordon Jump Arthur Carlson
Tim Reid Gordon `Venus Flytrap' Sims
Howard Hesseman Johnny `Dr. Johnny Fever' Caravella
Loni Anderson Jennifer Marlowe
Jan Smithers Bailey Quarters

Former Cast

Carol Bruce Lillian `Mama' Carlson
Sylvia Sidney Lillian `Mama' Carlson (pilot only)