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Wizards of Waverly Place Season 2 episodes

Retest Season 2, Episode 30

Jerry, Kelbo and Megan retake the wizard test that determined who kept their powers. read more

Wizards & Vampires vs. Zombies Season 2, Episode 29

Justin asks his vampire girlfriend to a prom. Meanwhile, Alex plans a zombie-themed dance and is unprepared when real zombies show up. read more

Wizards vs. Vampires: Dream Date Season 2, Episode 28

Alex uses magic to enter her boyfriend's dreams. Meanwhile, Justin informs his vampire girlfriend that he isn't allowed to go on her family's camping trip. read more

Wizards versus Vampires: Tasty Bites Season 2, Episode 27

Justin's vampire girlfriend, Juliet, tries to get him to eat healthy food, but Alex questions Juliet's motives when she learns that vampires like to drink healthy blood. read more

Wizards vs. Vampires on Waverly Place Season 2, Episode 26

A new sandwich shop owned by vampires opens and takes a big bite out of the Waverly Sub Station's business. Justin spies on the rival restaurant and falls for the vampire daughter. read more

Cast-Away (To Another Show) Season 2, Episode 25

Justin wins a cruise on the S.S. Tipton to Hawaii, and Alex and Max come along. Justin then pretends he is a doctor to get a date with London Tipton, and Alex uses magic to bring Harper aboard. read more

Wizard for a Day Season 2, Episode 24

Alex gives her dad a magical hat that contains unlimited wishes for his birthday, but things get out of control when Alex makes wishes for him and they receive a visit from an alien spaceship. read more

Paint by Committee Season 2, Episode 23

Alex is commissioned by the school to paint a mural. She uses magic to complete the task, only to realize it compromises her own vision. read more

My Tutor, Tutor Season 2, Episode 22

Alex and Justin bond with Max's new tutor and scheme to get her a permanent job with the family, but the plan involves Max failing a test. read more

Justin's New Girlfriend Season 2, Episode 21

Alex, Justin and Harper are transported into a classic silent movie. Meanwhile, Theresa and Jerry switch jobs at the restaurant to see which one has the more difficult duties. read more

Family Game Night Season 2, Episode 20

Alex magically swaps brains with Harper to pass an exam, but she is unable to switch their minds back. Meanwhile, Justin invites a girl to his family's game night. read more

Don't Rain on Justin's Parade - Earth Season 2, Episode 19

Justin magically alters the weather to match the forecast of his favourite weatherman, Baxter Knight, so Baxter won't lose his job. But he quickly learns that isn't a smart thing to do. read more

Hugh's Not Normous Season 2, Episode 18

Alex tries to help Hugh Normous locate his birth parents after he discovers he is adopted and runs away from home. read more

Alex Does Good Season 2, Episode 17

Alex becomes a member of her school's Sunshine Club, whose members do good deeds for others, but Alex quickly learns that most of the people involved have a selfish agenda. Meanwhile, Justin is appointed to be Max's chaperone on his first date. read more

Future Harper Season 2, Episode 16

Alex, Justin and Max travel into the future to confront an author (Rachel Dratch) who is using their lives as the basis for her best-selling novels. But they are shocked when they learn her true identity. read more

Art Teacher Season 2, Episode 15

Max is visited by Dwayne Johnson and Misty May-Treanor when they learn that he is suffering from a mysterious ailment, but they aren't too pleased when they discover that he created the disorder through magic to get out of gym class. Meanwhile, Alex bonds with a new art teacher who is really a teen under an age spell. read more

Helping Hand Season 2, Episode 14

Justin invents a "helping hand" designed to assist elderly people in order to earn an official spell certificate, but Alex wears the device out by having it do her chores before Justin can present it to the spell superintendent. read more

Fashion Week Season 2, Episode 13

Alex helps Harper care for a famous designer's couture gown during fashion week, but she accidentally ruins it and must resort to magic to fix things. Cindy Crawford guest stars. read more

Fairy Tale Season 2, Episode 12

Justin casts Harper as Tinkerbell when he directs a school production of "Peter Pan," but Alex must play the role when Harper becomes injured. Later, Max writes a review of the play for the school paper. read more

Make It Happen Season 2, Episode 11

Jerry instructs his children to each select an alternate career in the event they do not become wizards. He ends up disappointed with their choices when Max chooses to be a magician, and Alex and Justin decide to form a band. Fred Willard guest stars. read more

Baby Cupid Season 2, Episode 10

Alex conjures up Cupid to help her parents after an argument ruins their anniversary, and Justin falls for Harper when he's hit by Cupid's arrow. read more

Taxi Dance Season 2, Episode 9

Alex casts a spell on the taxi cab she was born in to save it from the junkyard, but in doing so she accidentally brings it to life; Justin seeks out his birthplace. read more

Harper Knows Season 2, Episode 8

Harper learns that Alex and her family are wizards when she attends a comic-book and movie convention with the Russos, who are assigned the task of stopping rogue wizards from using their magic at the popular event. read more

Saving Wiz Tech, Part 2 Season 2, Episode 7

Conclusion. Alex enrolls at Wiz Tech and learns her new boyfriend, Ronald, has kidnapped her former crush Dean. read more

Saving Wiz Tech, Part 1 Season 2, Episode 6

Part 1 of 2. Wiz Tech must close, and the Russos take in Prof. Crumbs and a student who develops a crush on Alex. read more

Alex's Brother, Maximan Season 2, Episode 5

The children attempt to prove they can work together as a team after they fail their group magic project, but the effort requires Alex to miss her first real date with her new boyfriend. read more

Racing Season 2, Episode 4

Alex develops a crush on a car-loving guy and uses an upcoming race her dad is entered in to further the relationship. Elsewhere, Max gets a mind-reading kit. read more

Graphic Novel Season 2, Episode 3

Justin and Max steal Alex's diary, but it ends up in the hands of her nemesis, Gigi. The boys attempt to get it back and accidentally transport Gigi inside a fairy tale contained in Alex's book. read more

Beware Wolf Season 2, Episode 2

Justin falls for a new girl who is a werewolf and turns him into one, too; Max starts a dog-walking business with a new friend. read more

Smarty Pants Season 2, Episode 1

Alex and Harper enter an academic competition, but Alex wears "smarty pants" that give her all of the answers. At first it's great, but Alex soon realizes that her cheating doesn't allow Harper to shine. read more

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Premise: Comedy about a family of wizards living in New York City who sometimes use magic to get out of tricky situations.



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