A compelling Stephen J. Cannell drama about undercover FBI agent Vinnie Terranova, who tries to infiltrate organized crime after having served time to establish his credibility with the underworld. The show pioneered the use of multi-episode arcs, and was less a standard cop drama than a string of first-rate miniseries about the seductiveness of evil, thanks to some memorable villains (including Kevin Spacey and Joan Severance as the gleefully sinister Mel Profitt and his sexy sister Susan).


Guest Stars

Norman Lloyd
Leland Masters, Masters
Kim Greist
Katherine, Katherine Gallagher
Paul McCrane
Johnny Medley, Medley
Deidre Hall
Claudia, Claudia Newquay
Joe Shea
Mack Mahoney, Mahoney
Stephen Joyce
Strichen, Walter Strichen
David Strathairn
Matthew Stemkowsky, Stem
Paul Guilfoyle
Calvin, Hollis
Fredric Lehne
Chambers, Winston Chambers III
Jim Youngs
Jimmy `The Legend' Vitale