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Jan 15, 1997 Season 8 Episode 13 watch on (Subscription)

Brian is heartbroken when he learns his dream girl is 12 years old. Antonio is put in charge of Joe and Helen's safety.

A Decent Proposal

May 12, 1994 Season 5 Episode 24

Davis proposes to Helen and she accepts, reigniting old feelings between her and Joe.
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Long Distance Lament

Apr 28, 1994 Season 5 Episode 22

When Davis shows up to apologize to Helen for breaking so many of their dates, he finds her out with another man.
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Roy Crazy

Apr 14, 1994 Season 5 Episode 21

Roy's ex-wife Sylvia arrives in Nantucket for the weekend, showing signs of reconciliation hopes with Roy.
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Boys Will Be Girls

Apr 07, 1994 Season 5 Episode 20

When their old football coach returns to Nantucket for the weekend, Joe and Brian finally get retaliation for all the years he called them "girls."
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Sleepless in Nantucket

Mar 10, 1994 Season 5 Episode 19

When Brian and Alex decide to move in together on a whim, they discover each other's unattractive and annoying habits.
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Exclusively Yours

Feb 14, 1994 Season 5 Episode 17

Brian and Alex make their relationship exclusive, but when comely models arrive in Nantucket to shoot a calendar, Brian begins to doubt his decision.
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Hey, Nineteen

Feb 10, 1994 Season 5 Episode 16

Joe has a light and frivolous affair with Fay's sexy 19-year-old study partner.
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Say Uncle, Carlton

Feb 03, 1994 Season 5 Episode 15

The fates are merciless when the ever-annoying Carlton Blanchard shows up with his sleazy nephew Lewis and hires Antonio as his personal driver.
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The Faygitive

Jan 27, 1994 Season 5 Episode 14

Fay feels stalked when her old friends receive phone calls from a man asking questions about her.
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Oh, Give Me a Home Where the Mathers Don't Roam

Jan 20, 1994 Season 5 Episode 13

After a year of having Lowell reigning over the household, Joe and Brian finally tell him to move out into a place of his own.
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Ready, Teddy, Go

Jan 06, 1994 Season 5 Episode 12

When Davis buys Helen a scant black lace teddy, he breaks gift-giving protocol and has Helen all up in arms.
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A Black Eye Affair

Oct 28, 1993 Season 5 Episode 6

Helen runs into some bad luck when Davis decides to visit at the last minute: Her hair turns green, she catches poison ivy and gets a black eye.
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An Affair to Forget

Oct 14, 1993 Season 5 Episode 5

Alex and Brian's romantic weekend to finally consummate their relationship is interrupted by Joe and Helen.
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Business or Pleasure

Oct 07, 1993 Season 5 Episode 4

Joe makes a fool of himself when he brings a hotshot investor to the island to pump some money into Sandpiper -- and Helen falls for the investor.
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Bye-Bye, Bunny

Sep 30, 1993 Season 5 Episode 3

Sparks fly when Lowell and Bunny finalize their divorce.
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Terminal Jealousy

Sep 23, 1993 Season 5 Episode 2

Roy meddles in everyone's personal lives, making Brian accuse Alex and Joe of having an affair as Helen verbally accosts a health inspector.
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Stop in the Name of Love

Sep 16, 1993 Season 5 Episode 1

Knowing he has screwed up past relationships by getting too close too soon, Brian finds himself willing to put off sex with Alex.
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