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Jan 15, 1997 Season 8 Episode 13 watch on (Subscription)

Brian is heartbroken when he learns his dream girl is 12 years old. Antonio is put in charge of Joe and Helen's safety.

What the Cabbie Saw

Jan 07, 1993 Season 4 Episode 11

Antonio fears for his life when he becomes sole witness to a jewelry store robbery.
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The Customer's Usually Right

Dec 17, 1992 Season 4 Episode 10

Joe's attempts to erase a mistaken charge at the video store result in the firing of an elderly lady and her subsequent stroke.
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It May Have Happened One Night

Dec 03, 1992 Season 4 Episode 9

After having a few drinks, Alex asks Joe to drive her home. When he arrives late the next day, everyone assumes that they spent the night together.
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Just Say No

Nov 19, 1992 Season 4 Episode 8

Brian's ex-flame arrives from New York to rekindle the fire, and it's up to his friends to keep him from getting burned again.
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It's So Nice to Have a Mather Around the House

Nov 12, 1992 Season 4 Episode 7

Brian and Joe gain a new roommate after Brian accidentally sinks Lowell's houseboat.
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Two Jerks and A Jill

Nov 05, 1992 Season 4 Episode 6

Antonio upstages Lowell in front of the Tuesday Night Rat Club, while Brian and Joe are grounded by an attractive helicopter pilot.
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Mathers of the Heart

Oct 29, 1992 Season 4 Episode 5

After Helen and Lowell go on a date together, Lowell becomes an unwilling suitor when Helen falls hard for the handyman.
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Blackout Buggins

Oct 22, 1992 Season 4 Episode 4

Roy is struck out at Fenway Park by his own rendition of the National Anthem, and Fay commits a costly personal foul at work.
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Noses Off

Oct 08, 1992 Season 4 Episode 3

Joe's nose is broken, but it's Brian's ego that gets bruised when the Hacketts visit a local plastic surgeon.
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The Fortune Cookie

Oct 01, 1992 Season 4 Episode 2

Joe's future is up in the air when Sandpiper is grounded by his insurance company, but Brian's plan to save the airline doesn't fly right with Helen.
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