Team Ten
Asuma’s funeral is held in Hidden Leaf Village amid deep sadness. Shikamaru is the lone absentee, unable to get over the loss. Choji too is disconsola (more…)
No Good Deed
After Thomas tells Kathryn about his "Raise the Roof" campaign ad, she ditches him to spend the night with a friend before turning her ire towards the (more…)
...And Zeus Wept
A school shooting mobilizes the cops, paramedics and firefighters. Kim's depression worsens. Yokas receives disturbing news from her doctor.
A Homecoming in Granada
After years of layovers in Nicaragua, Wisconsin pilot Scott know Granada was home after meeting Lucia. They started their new life in Wisconsin, but L (more…)
Jean and Pablo are adamant that Kris leave town instead of sticking around and helping to care for Wildfire.
Who Is Watching the Children
An infant and his two-year-old sister are found dead in a house shared by two families. At first, they are believed to have died from carbon monoxide (more…)
Sculpt 1
Sculpt is an intense workout designed to tone the abs, arms, buns and thighs. Increase your overall fitness with over 60 minutes of exercise. No equi (more…)
Tichina Arnold / Kelly Packard
Actress Tichina Arnold ("Martin") lives in New York City with her husband, basketball coach Rico, and their daughter Alijah. Their relaxed parenting a (more…)
The Invisible Devil
Children are disappearing into thin air; as the team investigates, the clues seem to become harder to find.
Clash in the Coliseum, Pt. 3
The battle between the Egyptian Gods has begun! When Yugi's Slifer the Sky Dragon clashes against Kaiba's Obelisk the Tormentor, what will happen whe (more…)
Last Girl Standing
Five years after a masked killer brutally murdered her closest friends, Camryn, the lone survivor, struggles to reclaim her shattered life. Though see (more…)
Blackadder's Christmas Carol
Christmas Eve, 1850. In the reign of good Queen Vic, there stands, in Dumpling Lane in old London town, the Moustache Shoppe of one Ebenezer Blackadde (more…)
Higglytown Heroes: Higgly Halloween
It's Halloween and the kids learn about jack-o-lanterns!
The Good-Bye
With Raintree in dire financial straits, Jean and Matt's willingness to consider a buyer's offer draws criticism from Pablo and Kris.
La misericordia de la bestia
El Sr. Ávila e Iván se hacen cargo de un caso difícil. María y Octavio se esconden fuera del alcance de Ávila, pues ella tiene la evidencia para hundi (more…)
The Quake Threat / Galaxy Trio Versus the Moltens of Meteorus / Avenger for Ransom
Birdman tracks Kyrov, who has been engineering earthquakes... Moltens are driving the inhabitants off the planet with underground explosions and molte (more…)
The Umi Sports Games
Team Umizoomi is playing in the biggest sports event around - the Umi Games! But to win the Umi Games Trophy, Milli, Geo and Bot will have to defeat t (more…)
RuPaul's Big Opening, Pt. 2
The queens are challenged to create party-themed couture for a runway face-off. With guest judge Khloe Kardashian.
Kris must turn to Junior for help when she is asked to throw a race by John Zack, the figure from Pablo’s past.
Basketball Running Out
Contestants compete in a series of mental and physical challenges centered on the internet's best viral videos. The final contender will battle the wh (more…)
Destination Destin
J.C. Croom and Ray Ward moved from Charleston, SC to Destin, Fla., into a cramped rental. They're hoping to find a house that's located close to both (more…)
The Orange Chronicles
The Orange Revolution was not a revolution in dictionary terms. It was a revolution of will and resolve that changed a nation forever. As Russia-backe (more…)
Paris, Witches Style
Samantha's father Maurice is upset that she and Darrin didn't stop off in London to see him, so he takes out his anger on Darrin.
Fly My Kite
Join Stymie, Chubby, Farina, and Wheezer for storytime with their neighborhood Granny, only to be interrupted by Granny's greedy son-in-law who tries (more…)
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