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Wild Kratts Season 1 episodes

Quillber's Birthday Present Season 1, Episode 40

The Kratts learn about porcupines while collecting shed quills to use in a necklace they're making for Aviva for her birthday. read more

Googly-Eye: Night Guru Season 1, Episode 39

The brothers learn about tarsiers when the wide-eyed nocturnal creatures take them in after their night goggles stop working. read more

The Gecko Effect Season 1, Episode 38

The Kratts use the miniaturizer to investigate how gecko lizards can climb smooth surfaces and even climb upside down by using; Zach steals the minaturizer and traps the Kratts in a glass terrarium. read more

Seasquatch Season 1, Episode 37

The brothers' submarine loses power while they're exploring the ocean floor. Aviva figures out how to harness the energy from the deep sea's hydrothermal vents in order to return them to the surface. read more

Birds of a Feather Season 1, Episode 36

Chris and Martin try to inspire Aviva to give dancing a try by introducing her to some of the natural world's greatest dancers—the birds of paradise of New Guinea. Donita, meanwhile, plots to use the fashionable birds in her latest clothing line. read more

A Huge Orange Problem Season 1, Episode 35

The brothers learn about orangutans while in the forests of Borneo; and use orangutan medicine to help cure the sore muscles of Aviva, Koki and Jimmy. read more

Zig-Zagged Season 1, Episode 34

Chris and Martin reunite a lost baby zebra with its mother. read more

Caracal-Minton Season 1, Episode 33

A wild cat known as a caracal steals a precious family heirloom of Aviva's that the gang was using as the birdie in a game of badminton. read more

Flight of the Pollinators Season 1, Episode 32

A miniaturized Chris becomes stuck to a bee after he's covered with pollen. read more

The Food Chain Gang Season 1, Episode 31

Martin and Chris learn about predators and prey while playing a game devised by Aviva that mimics the food chain on the African savanna. read more

Kerhonk on Friday Season 1, Episode 30

Martin and Chris learn about proboscis monkeys after their power suits become jammed in proboscis monkey mode. read more

Masked Bandits Season 1, Episode 29

The brothers investigate strange goings-on in their headquarters, which Jimmy believes may be the result of a ghost or monster. read more

A Bat in the Brownies Season 1, Episode 28

The brothers try to persuade Aviva, Jimmy Z and Koki that they shouldn't be afraid of bats after a little brown bat crashes into a plate of Jimmy Z's famous brownies. They also come to the aid of a bat colony after its roost is destroyed by lightning. read more

Raptor Roundup Season 1, Episode 27

The Kratts tangle with evil chef Gaston Gourmand, while trying to ID as many hawks, eagles, owls, falcons and vultures as they can. read more

Little Howler Season 1, Episode 26

Chris and Martin learn about wolves while returning a wolf pup to its pack. read more

Mimic Season 1, Episode 25

The brothers help a cheetah cub rescue its mother from evil fashion designer Donita Donata. read more

Stuck on Sharks Season 1, Episode 24

Martin and Chris shadow a female great white shark. Along the way, they learn about the challenges facing the predator; and witness the birth of baby sharks. read more

Cheetah Racer Season 1, Episode 23

Aviva and Zach try to build a vehicle that's faster than a cheetah. read more

Koala Balloon Season 1, Episode 22

Martin and Chris help a koala stranded in the Australian Outback return to its eucalyptus-forest habitat. read more

Falcon City Season 1, Episode 21

The brothers search for a falcon in the city. Along the way, Chris' power suit is accidentally activated with pigeon power; and the pair learn that Zach has sent his Zachbots to clean a building that has a peregrine falcon's nest. read more

The Blue and the Gray Season 1, Episode 20

A Creature Power Suit malfunction turns Martin into an acorn that grows into an oak tree; Chris attracts the attention of a bobcat and a goshawk after he turns on his suit's squirrel powers. read more

Kickin' It With the Roos Season 1, Episode 19

The Kratts search for their keys, which were stolen by a red kangaroo. Along the way, they learn about the social structure of kangaroos, kickbox with a male 'roo and deal with a dingo attack. read more

Let the Rhinos Roll! Season 1, Episode 18

The team learns that Zach Varmitech is kidnapping rhinos from the African savanna in order to create super rhino-dozers. Along the way, they learn about symbiotic relationships and how different animals defend themselves. read more

Elephant in the Room Season 1, Episode 17

Chris and Martin learn how mischievous baby elephants can be when they care for one that was separated from its mother. read more

Walk on the Wetside Season 1, Episode 16

Chris and Martin learn how the basilisk lizard is able to walk on water. read more

Octopus Wildkratticus Season 1, Episode 15

The gang observes a strange octopus species while searching for the Creature Power Suits, which Martin accidentally knocked into a deep Arctic trench. read more

Tazzy Chris Season 1, Episode 14

Martin and Chris help the Tasmanian Wildlife Service tag Tasmanian devils in order to learn more about them. They also try to stop a Zach Varmitech plot to create a new Zachbot from the creatures. read more

Mystery of the Weird Looking Walrus Season 1, Episode 13

Martin and Chris investigate why walruses look weird, then learn that a herd has been kidnapped by Zach Varmitech, who's using them to mine pearls for Donita Donata's fashion line. read more

Fireflies Season 1, Episode 12

The Kratts try to stop dastardly fashion designer Donita Donata's plot to make a sparkly dress from fireflies. read more

Bass Class Season 1, Episode 11

Martin and Chris compete against Zach Varmitech in a fishing tournament. read more

Honey Seekers Season 1, Episode 10

While in Africa, Martin and Chris learn about the honeyguide bird and honey badger. read more

Voyage of the Butterflier XT Season 1, Episode 9

Martin and Chris learn about the monarch butterfly's 2000-mile migration. read more

Build It Beaver Season 1, Episode 8

The Kratts help a beaver rebuild its damaged lodge. read more

Polar Bears Don't Dance Season 1, Episode 7

In the Arctic, Martin and Chris help return a kidnapped walrus calf and polar-bear cub to their mothers. read more

Platypus Cafe Season 1, Episode 6

Martin and Chris learn about the platypus and stop an unscrupulous chef from using platypus eggs in a special dish. read more

Mystery of the Squirmy Worm Season 1, Episode 5

Chris and Martin investigate why earthworms come above ground when it rains. read more

Flight of the Draco Season 1, Episode 4

Martin and Chris uncover a dastardly plot by fashion designer Donita Donata to use Draco lizards in her fall collection. read more

Aardvark Town Season 1, Episode 3

Chris and Martin help an aardvark return to its burrow. read more

Whale of a Squid Season 1, Episode 2

Chris and Martin take Aviva's prototype sub for a spin, only to become caught in a battle between a sperm whale and a giant squid. Aviva then develops whale and squid "creature power suits" so the pair can follow the whale and squid deep in the ocean. Along the way, they learn about pressure. read more

Mom of a Croc Season 1, Episode 1

The premiere of the nature-science series for children demonstrates that there's more to crocodiles than their brutish reputations by infiltrating a crocodile nest to chronicle the challenging journey of infant crocs and their mother. Included: the ability of heat to transfer from one object to another via conduction is explained. read more

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Premise: A look at animals in their natural habitats also explores key scientific concepts that the animals' actions and behaviors exemplify.



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