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Wild America

A long-running PBS nature series hosted and produced by Marty Stouffer.

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Tracking Wildlife Season 12, Episode 8 Nov 10, 2008 Subscription

Since many wild animals are nocturnal -- and all are wary of humans -- they're often difficult to glimpse. But every creature leaves behind signs of its passing. Curiosity, patience and a good field guide are the only equipment needed to learn to read this revealing record. Marty Stouffer offers valuable tips on tracking and getting close to Foxes, Moose, Bears, and Birds.

Living with Wildlife Season 12, Episode 6 Nov 10, 2008 Subscription

As the dominant species, we are finally starting to realize our impact on the world and to re-evaluate our relationship with all living things. This program illustrates how we can best preserve our precious natural heritage of wildlife. Wild animals affect us in many ways -- for recreation, we admire their freedom; for economics, we harvest their bounty; and for science, we explore their mysteries.

Backyard Wildlife Season 12, Episode 2 Nov 10, 2008 Subscription

Some wild animals have not only survived our progress, but are actually thriving within numerous urban areas. Raccoons, Deer, Coyotes, Skunks, and a wide variety of Birds are adapting to a world shared increasingly with humans. Backyard wildlife is a never-ending joy for wildlife watchers. Also included in this program are tips for attracting creatures to your own backyard.

Attracting Wildlife Season 12, Episode 1 Nov 10, 2008 Subscription

If you can't go to see all the wildlife you'd like, then maybe you can attract more of it to your own backyard or window sill. It's easier than you think. Creating habitat for wildlife also enhances the beauty and value of your entire neighborhood. This program outlines easy steps to provide food and shelter for a variety of Birds, Mammals and other fascinating creatures.