Wibbly Pig

  • 2009
  • TV Show
  • TV-Y

Animated escapades of a lovely piglet and his pals, geared toward preschoolers. The series is based on the books by author-illustrator Mick Inkpen.

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Sneezes / Hats
SNEEZES: Wibbly has got all his friends coming round for a game of hide and seek, but there is a problem - he can’t stop sneezing! He won’t be able t (more…)
Caterpillar / Dragon
CATERPILLAR: When you peek through the hole in the leaf you might be able to find who made it! Wibbly has found a new friend, a caterpillar, and he is (more…)
Bus / Airplane
BUS: Wibbly has made his very own magic bus - with four chairs and four round cushions for wheels. Big Pig, Tiny Pig, Scruffy Pig and Pigley all want (more…)
Grandpa Pig / Robot
GRANDPA PIG: Wibbly is waiting for Grandpa Pig to arrive - but he’s late. While we wait Wibbly remembers some of the fun things they’ve done together (more…)
Rocking Horse / Orchestra
ROCKING HORSE: Wibbly is proudly showing off his new rocking horse, Rocket, to Tiny Pig. Wibbly can’t wait to ride him and dreams of being a cowboy - (more…)
Chicken / Dream
CHICKEN: Wibbly is looking for a chicken - and even though we can see it he can’t! When he eventually finds it he realizes that the chicken has lost (more…)
Kite / Trampoline
KITE: Wibbly is flying a very lovely kite that he made - waiting for Aunt Larlie to arrive - he’s even wearing one of her very special new cardies tha (more…)
Rubber Ball / Train
RUBBER BALL: Wibbly has a very very bouncy, very very fast, very very small rubber ball and it is bouncing around causing all sorts of trouble. It lea (more…)
Bubbles / Big Aunt Larlie
BUBBLES: Poor Wibbly - he is the proud owner of a new bubble set and blower, but everyone else can blow perfect bubbles except him! He either blows to (more…)
Puddle / Hats
Puddle: You might not think you can play in the rain - but Wibbly finds a way to play after the rain has ended! In this episode Wibbly finds a lot of (more…)
Friends / Circus
FRIENDS: It’s great to have your friends with you, playing with you, helping you ... at least that’s what Wibbly thought before they all started tryin (more…)
Telescope / Noise
TELESCOPE: Aunt Larlie has sent Wibbly a present - a long telescope! Wibbly loves the way it can make things look so much closer than they are! First (more…)
Noise / Dance
NOISE: Wibbly is standing very very still. He has heard a strange noise and doesn’t know what it is. Together we decide to go and find it. Is it comin (more…)
Balloons / Boat
BALLOONS: Wibbly is having a party and blowing up a lot of balloons - the problem is they won’t stay up in the air. He tries blowing them, throwing th (more…)
Squiggle / Shadows
SQUIGGLE: Wibbly is painting. He has painted a lion, a clown, a kite, a house and a flower! When he accidentally splashes the paper and then paints a (more…)
Sandcastle / Snowman
Sandcastle: Wibbly Pig, Big Pig and Tiny Pig are on the beach and decide they are going to make the best sandcastle ever! They plan out what shape it (more…)
Mud Pie / Umbrella
MUD PIE: What do you get when you mix dirt and water? Of course you get mud - but what do you use mud for? Making mud pies! Big Pig, Tiny Pig and W (more…)
Picnic / Self Portrait
PICNIC: Wibbly and his friends, the Big brown Bear and the little green Dragon, are meeting up to have a picnic...They all bring their own favorite fo (more…)
Car / Spaceship
CAR: Wibbly likes driving in his car... he doesn’t know where he is going, just that the trip is worth the time. But despite his best efforts to take (more…)
Everyone Hide / Tent
EVERYONE HIDE: Everyone is hiding from Wibbly Pig - and Wibbly wants to find them all so he doesn’t have to be ‘it’ and he can hide too. But everyone (more…)
Castle / Flowerpots
CASTLE: Wibbly has arranged an array of large cardboard boxes and made his very own castle. The thing is, there is a Dragon inside, hiding in its lair (more…)
Jungle / Tickly Sweater
Jungle: Wibbly is in the deepest jungle searching for a very special creature - one that very few people have ever seen. It is known as the Fligley-I (more…)
Tiger / Cloud
TIGER: Wibbly and Big Pig both want to be tigers - and they have painted their faces with stripes to prove it. But when Stripe - a real tiger - turns (more…)
String / Home in Time for a Treat
STRING: Wibbly finds a piece of string on the floor and wonders where it goes, so he starts to wind it into a ball. The string changes colour, type a (more…)
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  • Premiered: June 15, 2009
  • Rating: TV-Y
  • Premise: Animated escapades of a lovely piglet and his pals, geared toward preschoolers. The series is based on the books by author-illustrator Mick Inkpen. (more)

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