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Sep 18, 2010 Season 11 Episode 10 watch on (Paid)

Jenny and Mike are high school sweethearts that have been together over nine years. They had their daughter six years ago, and now it's time for them to make their family official. Even though their wedding is a year and a half away, Jenn is already driving Mike and their families crazy with her planning, so Mike has decided to surprise his high maintenance bride by planning her dream wedding behind her back. He's called on expert planner Julie Conley, Jenn's aunt Missy and her mom Lesley to help him pull everything together in less than a week, but things get heated when Lesley starts to feel left out. Meanwhile, Jenn is shocked when she finds out she's getting married in less than 24 hours and worries that she won't get the wedding she wants. And when she suffers a major meltdown on her big day over the bridesmaids' dresses, will she end up making it to the altar--or is this wedding destined for disaster?

Groom's Two Steps Forward

Sep 11, 2010 Season 11 Episode 9

Annmarie and Ryan both have bright futures ahead of them. As they work to finish their doctorate degrees, their schoolwork is leaving them no time to plan their wedding. While Annmarie prefers to focus on studying, Ryan is more than ready to get married and start a family--so he's called on "Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?" to give his bride-to-be the surprise wedding of their dreams! With the help of super planner James Tramondo, Ryan has one week to pull off the biggest surprise of his life. But when Annmarie's mom finds out about Ryan's plan, she gets upset that she's not involved in the planning. Then, when Annmarie's mom gets overwhelmed and Ryan refuses to see his bride's dress before the big day, the planner is left to pick Annmarie's perfect wedding gown all by himself! Plus, find out how Annmarie reacts when she hears she's tying the knot in less than 24 hours!
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Camo Couture

Sep 04, 2010 Season 11 Episode 8

It's wedding warfare when a Navy bride battles her Marine groom for wedding supremacy. Jackey and Matt have been trying to plan their big day for over a year and a half, but their conflicting visions have stalled them from moving forward with making any decisions. Jackey has always dreamed of a traditional, timeless affair that includes a sit-down dinner, classic car entrance and a beautiful white wedding gown. However, Matt wants to embrace his Marine roots and have a military-inspired fete, complete with a mess hall chow line, Humvee entrance and camouflage tuxedo shirts for the groomsmen! The battle lines are drawn as the bride and groom go up against each other in a series of challenges to see who will come out victorious. Then with less than a week to work, can planners James Tramondo and Ryan Larson pull all the winning elements together--or is this wedding destined to end in matrimonial mayhem?
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Bff Battle

Aug 28, 2010 Season 11 Episode 7

It's double trouble as two best friends try to pull off the double wedding of their dreams! Tina and Amber have been best friends since the fifth grade. They've always dreamt of sharing their "I do's"--but they had no idea what a nightmare it would be planning it! After a year of trying to plan their big day, they still have yet to decide on anything, especially since they have such different ideas about what they want. Amber wants a classic and simple sunset wedding on the beach, while Tina is going for an "enchanted forest" theme. The ladies have recruited veteran planner Donnie Brown to help fuse their dueling concepts together--but is either one willing to compromise when it comes to their big day? See if Donnie can blend their visions into one wedding that will make both of these brides happy.
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Blindside The Wedding Planner Bride

Aug 14, 2010 Season 11 Episode 6

After seven years together, Christina is still waiting for her boyfriend Paul to pop the question. Christina is a self-admitted control freak who works as a wedding coordinator for "Whose Wedding" veteran planner Ana Cruz---and she already has her dream wedding planned out! But Paul knows she can't survive a year of wedding planning, so he's trying to pull off the impossible with a surprise proposal--and a wedding the next day! With Ana's help, the pressure is all on Paul to plan the perfect picture-perfect wedding without any of Christina's input. But when he starts to get overwhelmed by all of the details, will he still feel he made the right choice? Plus, how will Christina feel when she finds out that she has no say in her own wedding? Will she be willing to give up her vision, or will her need to take control cause conflict between her and Paul?
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Sassy Sisters = Dueling Divas

Jul 24, 2010 Season 11 Episode 5

Wedding planner Julie Conley is put to the test when she must mediate between two dueling divas. When sisters Javonne and Jaton got engaged around the same time, they decided to celebrate their big day together. However, they quickly learned compromise would not be easy. Jaton is known for her diva ways and is set on having the wedding of her dreams. Javonne is simple and care-free and just wants her guests to have a good time. Watch as these siblings butt heads over roses vs. carnations, cakes vs. cupcakes, over-the-top vs. understated and more. Plus, will Jaton be open to walking down the aisle with her father after years of not speaking? Find out as Julie Conley creates a wedding day to remember for these sassy sisters.
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All-American Bride vs. Pan-Asian Flair Groom

Jul 13, 2010 Season 11 Episode 4

It's East meets West as an Asian-American couple tries to merge Eastern traditions with modern-day desires. Jennifer and Tony are a young ambitious couple with a fun, competitive nature who have two totally different visions about how their wedding day should be. Tony really embraces his Vietnamese heritage and wants a huge, flashy Asian-inspired affair complete with Chinese dragons, fireworks, Asian garments and a tea ceremony. Since Jennifer calls herself more Americanized, she would prefer a traditional and classy wedding with dainty decor, an elegant entrance, American cuisine, traditional vows, and beautiful white wedding gown. Planners Kevin Covey and Jenny Orsini will coach these two through combat as they battle it out in a series of challenges to see whose vision will reign supreme.
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Wedding Survival

Jul 12, 2010 Season 11 Episode 3

Earl Cole isn't afraid of a little competition. In 2007, he was crowned the winner of "Survivor: Fiji," but now it's survival of the fittest as he and his bride-to-be Shelley Lee battle over their dream wedding in Kauai. Earl and Shelley have very different visions of the kind of wedding they want. Earl would love a classic Midwestern ceremony held in a church complete with a tasty barbecue buffet and a New Orleans-style jazz band, while Shelley wants to honor her Hawaiian and Korean roots with a beautiful beach fete, featuring fire and hula dancers, exotic Asian cuisine and traditional Korean garments. Will there be trouble in paradise as these two compete in a series of challenges to see whose vision will reign supreme? Then, can planners Ana Cruz and Mikie Russo merge it all into one harmonious affair?
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Elegant Big City vs. Redneck Rodeo Wedding

Jul 10, 2010 Season 11 Episode 1

It's a Texas style showdown as a bride and groom battle it out over their big day! Tonya and Craig are a competitive couple who butt heads over everything. Now that they're ready to tie the knot, both have completely different visions of how their wedding should be: Tonya wants a traditional, elegant affair with formal attire and a sit-down dinner, while Craig wants true Texas rodeo in a barnyard with a barbecue buffet and cowboy hats. In this bride versus groom competition, Tonya and Craig will go head-to-head in four challenges to fight over what they want for the venue, decor, food and attire. But when Tonya starts to lose, will she be willing to give up what she wants? Plus, see how planners Ana Cruz and James Tramondo manage to mix Texas with traditional to produce this couple's dream wedding.
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