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Sep 18, 2010 Season 11 Episode 10 watch on (Paid)

Jenny and Mike are high school sweethearts that have been together over nine years. They had their daughter six years ago, and now it's time for them to make their family official. Even though their wedding is a year and a half away, Jenn is already driving Mike and their families crazy with her planning, so Mike has decided to surprise his high maintenance bride by planning her dream wedding behind her back. He's called on expert planner Julie Conley, Jenn's aunt Missy and her mom Lesley to help him pull everything together in less than a week, but things get heated when Lesley starts to feel left out. Meanwhile, Jenn is shocked when she finds out she's getting married in less than 24 hours and worries that she won't get the wedding she wants. And when she suffers a major meltdown on her big day over the bridesmaids' dresses, will she end up making it to the altar--or is this wedding destined for disaster?

San Antonio, TX

Jun 20, 2006 Season 4 Episode 13

A second-time bride wants to make sure her walk down the aisle this time around is an affair fit for a princess. But can planner Tracy French pull off such a lavish bash on the bride's shoestring budget? Meanwhile, Paulette Robinson struggles to please her picky bride when she can't seem to cut down the overbooked guest list.
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Orlando, FL

Jun 13, 2006 Season 4 Episode 12

Will a Potomac River cruise spell troubled waters for planner Linnyette Richardson-Hall and her crew? Plus, a Texas bride pulls a big twist when she moves up her wedding day, giving her planner less than two months to throw together a larger-than-life ceremony. See if San Antonio planner Tracy French can beat the clock and make the big day happen for everyone.
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New York City

Jun 06, 2006 Season 4 Episode 11

Can Monica Scotto help her pregnant bride (and mother of two), plan the wedding and do a full house renovation? Meanwhile, Susan Southerland has to spring into action when the wedding photographer is a no-show.
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It's All In the Details

May 09, 2006 Season 4 Episode 10

A Long Island couple has waited years to tie the knot, and all they want is a simple affair that reflects their personalities and entertains their huge families. Planning it should be a cinch. Too bad coordinator James is sidelined by not just a car accident but a kidney stone to boot! Oh, and a few vendors might not quite be on this couples' team. Can the planners pull through? Also, Matthew David is a very well-paid florist-turned-multimedia designer and event planner, and now he has focused his professional attention on a friend's wedding. Betsy, a pal and an employee, is paid to micromanage things for the company, so it's hard to get her to shift gears and let go when it comes to her own big day. See what happens when the struggle for control lasts until the very last minute.
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Egg Rolls, Enchiladas, Salsa 'n' Soul

May 02, 2006 Season 4 Episode 9

Enthusiastic planner Tracy French throws herself into organizing a multicultural extravaganza for Maguie and Charlie, a couple hoping to fuse the traditions of their Mexican and Vietnamese families into a totally unique ceremony. Everything's going swimmingly until the groom's parents retract their offer of financial support after being offended. Can Tracy repair the breach, or will she have to rework the entire plan on a new budget? Plus, planner Heather Snively faces the unique problem of what might be called a "naive bride." Cheneen has never attended a wedding, much less been the leading lady at one! Heather smoothly guides the bride through the process, but things get pretty bumpy near the end. See if they can all get through the big day.
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Poultry In Motion

Apr 25, 2006 Season 4 Episode 8

Some couples need extensive hand-holding from their wedding planners, while others only need the occasional helping hand. Chris and Andy fall into the second group. Planner Samantha Goldberg needs to only step back and direct traffic, as Chris creates the desserts for the reception, and Andy designs wedding decorations. But will Samantha be able to cook up a solution when the main dish's ingredient goes missing at the last minute? Plus, Donnie Brown has several partners in wedding management -- the bride's father first among them -- when it comes to the nuptials of Melissa and Eric. The four do an admirable job of managing the big event, except for one little detail: There's a huge stain on the dress that goes unnoticed until two days before the ceremony! Are the combined powers of the wedding team strong enough to persuade the dress dealer to fix the problem?
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Yo-Ho-Ho! The Sky Is Falling

Apr 18, 2006 Season 4 Episode 7

What's a wedding planner to do when nature throws a very big hurricane at someone's very big day? That's the dilemma faced by Donnie Brown when organizing the Dallas wedding of Darinka. She had dreams of a gorgeous garden "I do." Too bad there's a giant tropical storm bearing down on her wedding site. Can Donnie convince this adamant bride to put safety first? Plus, many engaged couples want a theme wedding, but Philadelphia-based duo Adrienne and Joe kick it up a notch with their request for color, costume and...pirates! Yes, planner Mark Kingsdorf must manage the potential chaos of swashbuckling corsairs, even while incorporating the couple's preferred officiant: an Irish rabbi. Can this event happen without compromising good taste?
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Pop Stars and Dictators

Apr 11, 2006 Season 4 Episode 6

Xochitl Gonzalez must keep the peace between a challenging bride and a touchy florist when planning for Chris and Brianna. This couple wants everything at their wedding to be bigger and better than anything at any wedding--ever! Unfortunately, the florist is late for the ceremony (really late). Can Xochitl ward off this looming disaster and create the masterpiece wedding the couple envisions? Plus, the question "Whose wedding is it anyway?" comes up quite a bit as Linda Bennett coordinates the nuptials of Michelle and Jeff. They have six family members who insist on participating in every decision, which keeps the planning process moving at a glacial pace. But even as she untangles the web of family ties, Linda faces a bigger problem: a downpour on the wedding day.
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Lost In Translation

Apr 04, 2006 Season 4 Episode 5

It's an intercontinental affair when London-based couple attempts to manage their wedding plans from across the ocean. Unfortunately, overseas communication is harder than the pair expects and they approach their big day with a pile of pending bill payments. Can planner Carol Beaugard sort it out in time for the wedding bells to ring? Plus, high school sweethearts Katie and Eric are finally ready to get hitched. Can planner Jenni Orsini pull off the nuptials without a hitch? Maybe -- but she must first face off with the wedding location's on-site coordinator, a woman with an agenda of her own -- not to mention the home-field advantage!
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Seeing Double

Mar 07, 2006 Season 4 Episode 1

Planner Kim Bradford is used to being a multitasker. But when she decides to commit herself to two weddings in two days, she soon realizes she might have bitten off more than she can chew. Her first couple, Kimberly and Eric, have been dating in secret for several years and this wedding is their chance to finally show the world their love. The event is especially memorable because the bride is shipping out to Iraq just days after she returns from her honeymoon. In addition, a "Beauty and the Beast"-themed beach bash is adding up to much more than Kim bargained for. See how this planner juggles the double duty.
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