Who Wants to Be a Superhero?

2006, TV Show


Who Wants to Be an Action Figure?

Action figures courtesy Shocker Toys

Just a month before the second season of Sci Fi's campy reality competition Who Wants to Be a Superhero? flies back onto TV screens, Shocker Toys has announced that it will produce a line of figures based on selected contestants' characters. Season 1 champion Feedback and runners-up Fat Momma and Major Victory will be included in the set, as will the plucky crimefighter who wins this year's edition. Personally, I think they would get a lot more buyers if they put out a life-size Monkey Woman doll. (Yes, that reference is for the three of you who watched the show last season.) — Reporting by Raven Snook read more

I'm excited about the June ...

Question: I'm excited about the June return of Kyle XY, which blends family drama, teen angst and sci-fi very well. I do, however, think that ABC Family made the right decision in keeping the second season for the summer. The show does address weighty issues, but it has a light touch that makes it perfect summer viewing. It would get lost during the regular season. In light of that, I'm wondering if Fox wouldn't have been better off holding Drive till the summer. The show had narrative issues, but I think a summer viewing audience would have been more forgiving of those problems. A cross-country race just seems to fit an abbreviated summer season. Plus, launching a new show like this so late in the spring season seems awfully counterintuitive. On a related note, what summer shows do you consider to be the best? Answer: As discussed earlier, I doubt Drive would have worked in the long run in summer, spring, winter or fall. The networks aren't likely to air high-ticket items like this ... read more

Sci Fi Summer Stars Flash and Another Superhero

Sci Fi's summer slate, as culled from a fresh press release:June 6: Ghost Hunters returns. Also, the series premiere of Destination Truth, in which globe-trotter/truth-seeker Josh Gates explores the world's unexplained.July 6: Doctor Who, Season 3 begins.July 10: Eureka, Season 2 arrives.July 25: Who Wants to Be a Superhero? takes flight with a second season. Also, the debut of a series starring Derren Brown, a British mentalist described as "part James Bond, part Yoda." Not stirred, shaken, hmmm.August 10: The premiere of a contemporized take on Flash Gordon, starring Eric Johnson. Good luck filling Sam J. Jones' spandex, kid. read more

Calling All Superheroes! Gotham Wants You, Now

Auditions for Season 2 of Sci Fi Channel's Who Wants to Be a Superhero? will be held today (from 4 to 6 pm/ET) and Saturday (from 1 pm to 4 pm) as part of New York Comic Con, being held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. Check the show's website for entry requirements and further details. Hmmm, is this why our Raven Snook is wearing an iron breastplate to work today? read more

Stan Lee Previews His Latest Work, Plus the New Spider-Man and Fantastic Four!

Stan Lee and His Mosaic

Having celebrated his 84th birthday on Dec. 28, comic-book legend Stan Lee is still as exuberant and industrious as ever. In 2005, the man responsible for creating or cocreating Spider-Man, X-Men, the Fantastic Four, the Incredible Hulk and dozens of other Marvel characters formed POW! Entertainment with partners Gill Champion and Arthur Lieberman. The company's first release is the animated tale Mosaic, arriving in stores today on DVD. It's the story of a teenage girl (voiced by Anna Paquin) who's given the responsibility of saving the world after being transformed into a chameleon-like creature. TVGuide.com recently spoke with Lee about his plans for POW! and about the upcoming season of the Sci Fi read more

Sci Fi's Superhero to Fly Again

Who Wants to Be a Superhero?, having averaged 1.5 million viewers and credited with bringing 2.9 million newcomers to the Sci Fi Channel, has received an order for an expanded, 10-episode second season. read more

Who Wants to Be a Superhero? ...

Question: Who Wants to Be a Superhero? was cheesy fun, but how real do you think it was? An online search shows most of the contestants have acting experience, and you can see that a lot of it was staged. Do you think that Feedback's actual hero is Stan Lee? I kind of believe his explanation, but what do you think? Answer: Even by the genre's standards, Superhero looked an awful lot like manufactured reality, but given the fantasy wish-fulfillment nature of this particular series, I didn't mind. (And even as a fan, I thought the protracted finale was painfully amateurish in its production quality... hard to sit through.) But the one thing I never doubted was the sincerity of Feedback's adoration, even father worship, of Stan Lee. Feedback's not a good enough actor to fake that kind of emotion. Seemed genuine (almost disturbingly so) to me. read more

I know I'll get a lot of ...

Question: I know I'll get a lot of jeers, but I am really enjoying Who Wants to Be a Superhero?. I'm not into a lot of reality TV, since most focus on the worst of human nature, but I like this show, in which people get rewarded for good behavior. Major Victory is without question my favorite — the way he totally stays in character as the corny, helpful superhero. Then again, I really like all the contestants who really get into their characters. (I miss Monkey Woman.) Is this doing well in the ratings? Is there any chance of a second installment? Answer: Too early to say if they'll try this one again, but the positive sign is that the numbers are improving by the week, and the show is doing especially well in young demographics. (It has the youngest audience in Sci Fi's history.) It's such a nerdy show, but I love it, too. Major Victory is my fave as well (though the earnest Feedback is growing on me) ... read more

I admit to watching Last ...

Question: I admit to watching Last Comic Standing and the very cheesy Who Wants to Be a Superhero?, and I caught Design Star last night, but overall, I wouldn't miss reality shows if they weren't on. When will this trend die? I know they are cheap to produce and apparently have an audience, but I feel like my eyes will fall out from just watching the ads for Big Brother. It's all so horrible. I would rather they program reruns, second-run movies or documentary-type fare than this junk. Answer: I'm guessing you're responding to my summer-reality-roundup Dispatch, written after spending an entire week catching up with many (though certainly not all) of the summer's reality shows. Believe me, I won't make that mistake again, at least not until next summer's glut. The point I was trying to make in that column was that, as always, there is good and bad in every form of TV, and that includes reality. I'm actually looking forward to new episodes each week of Project Runway, So You Think You read more

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Premiered: July 27, 2006, on SyFy
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Premise: Contestants garbed as superheroes compete in this reality series. The winner gets to have his or her alter-ego spotlighted in a comic book created by Stan Lee, plus a guest role in a movie made for the Sci Fi Channel.


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