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Aug 20, 2014 Season 5 Episode 5 watch on (Paid)

Kelsey Grammer takes a trip into the past to explore his beloved grandmother's family. He uncovers the story of a woman haunted by demons, and finds a connection to family who risked everything in one of the greatest migrations in American history.

Paula Deen

May 18, 2012 Season 3 Episode 12

Paula Deen lost both of her parents and has a lot of gaps in her family knowledge. A visit to her aunt in Albany, Georgia, provides Paula with information that takes her back 150 years in her family’s history. As she digs deeper into her heritage she uncovers her ancestor’s political ties and his connection to a dark time in America’s history. Further exploration reveals a heartbreaking event that deeply impacted her ancestors during the Civil War.
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Jason Sudeikis

May 11, 2012 Season 3 Episode 11

Jason Sudeikis has almost no information about his grandfather who died when his father was a child. In Chicago, Jason researches the cryptic story of his grandfather’s death and discovers new details about his life. As he continues to learn more, a surprising discovery is revealed about his great grandfather’s family life. A trip to Pennsylvania brings Jason to the coal mines his great great grandfather worked in as an immigrant from Lithuania and the extreme dangers he faced each day.
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Rashida Jones

May 04, 2012 Season 3 Episode 10

Rashida Jones strongly identifies with both her African American and Jewish heritage, but knows very little about her mother’s roots. She was close to her grandmother, who was originally from Ireland, but had little details on her life before marrying her grandfather. In New York, Rashida uncovers the answers to her grandmother’s missing years and interesting life in Manhattan. As her journey continues, a trip to Ireland reveals new information that lead to her family’s origins in Eastern Europe.
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Rob Lowe

Apr 27, 2012 Season 3 Episode 9

Armed with information from his late mother’s scrapbook, Rob Lowe sets off on a journey that leads him to America’s founding fathers. In Washington, D.C., a visit to the Library of Congress uncovers his ancestor's surprising role in the Revolutionary War and his direct connection to George Washington. After visiting his ancestors' native Germany, he gains a deeper understanding of why everything was risked for a chance to build a new future in America.
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Edie Falco

Apr 06, 2012 Season 3 Episode 8

Edie Falco knows a lot about her father’s side but not much on her mother’s. Armed with little information, her journey starts in New York where she learns details of her family’s origins. New-found clues on her great grandfather lead her to Milwaukee where she investigates the curious life of his father. As her journey continues in England, she learns of the tragic events surrounding the life of her great-great-great-grandmother.
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Rita Wilson

Mar 30, 2012 Season 3 Episode 7

As Rita Wilson travels to Greece and Bulgaria, she uncovers the untold history of her late father. Her journey begins in Greece where she visits her father's hometown and the place of his birth. The information she receives leads her to Bulgaria where she learns of the hardships and triumphs that shaped her father's life and led him to the United States. Rita's emotional journey brings her to a discovery that she never expected.
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Helen Hunt

Mar 23, 2012 Season 3 Episode 6

Helen Hunt’s father lost his mother as a child and didn’t know much of his maternal family’s history. Armed with little information, Helen learns of the trials and triumphs of her paternal ancestors. Her journey leads her to San Francisco where she learns of her great great grandfather, a Jewish immigrant, and his involvement in launching Wells Fargo. As she continues her search, Helen finds that her great great grandmother was instrumental in the fight for women’s rights.
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Jerome Bettis

Mar 09, 2012 Season 3 Episode 5

Jerome Bettis longs to know the source of his strength and determination as he embarks on a journey in Paducah, Kentucky, to learn more about his mother’s side of the family. His search reveals the identity of his great great grandfather and an amazing story of his courage and strength as he stood up against and sued a corporate giant in the Jim Crow era. As Jerome learns more about his great great grandfather, the tragedy and triumph of his early life comes to light.
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Reba McEntire

Mar 02, 2012 Season 3 Episode 4

With little knowledge about her mother’s family, Reba McEntire seeks to find which of her ancestors was first to step foot in America. Her search takes her to Raleigh, North Carolina where she discovers an ancestor who was a prominent member in the community. This leads to a discovery connected to one of the darkest periods in American history. As Reba continues her search, she learns of her ancestor's heartbreaking journey to America.
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Blair Underwood

Feb 24, 2012 Season 3 Episode 3

Blair Underwood has always wanted to trace both of his parents’ ancestry, but has encountered roadblocks in the past. With limited information, he uncovers articles that reveal the hardships and unexpected triumphs of his ancestors. Taking a DNA test to dig deeper into his family roots, he unlocks the secret of his family’s origin and embarks on a journey he will never forget.
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Marisa Tomei

Feb 10, 2012 Season 3 Episode 2

Marisa Tomei grew up hearing that her great-grandfather was murdered for being a womanizer and gambler. In order to uncover the truth, she travels to Italy to sort through the facts and discover what really lead to his death.
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Martin Sheen

Feb 03, 2012 Season 3 Episode 1

Martin Sheen ("The West Wing," "The Amazing Spiderman"), a longtime activist, sets out on a journey to find out if his ancestors shared his greatest passion. His search leads him to Ireland where he investigates his uncle's ties to the Irish Civil War and his devotion to activism. He continues his journey in Spain, where he uncovers another relative who also fought for social justice and was wrongfully imprisoned during Franco's fascist regime. As he continues to trace his Spanish roots back to the 1700s, he unearths an unexpected family secret.
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