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Aug 20, 2014 Season 5 Episode 5 watch on (Paid)

Kelsey Grammer takes a trip into the past to explore his beloved grandmother's family. He uncovers the story of a woman haunted by demons, and finds a connection to family who risked everything in one of the greatest migrations in American history.

Spike Lee

Apr 30, 2010 Season 1 Episode 7

Filmmaker Spike Lee?s ("Do the Right Thing") interest and passion for African-American history led him to take a deeper look into his own family history. The one clear question that he wanted answered -- "who owned my family?" His journey takes him to Georgia, where he is overjoyed to discover that he has an unexpected connection to his great-great grandfather. Lee?s ancestry trail leads him to Texas, where he comes face to face with an unlikely relative.
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Susan Sarandon

Apr 23, 2010 Season 1 Episode 6

Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon has always been intrigued by her enigmatic grandmother, Anita Rigali, who abandoned her daughter, Leonora (Susan?s mother), when she was just two years old. Susan had grown up feeling a strange connection to her ?colorful? grandmother and had always wanted to solve the mystery of her life. With some clever sleuthing, Susan traces Anita?s roots to Italy where she tracks down the actual village in Tuscany that was home to Anita?s father. With the help of her son, Susan turns gumshoe and uncovers Anita?s obituary, revealing the shocking missing link.
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Brooke Shields

Apr 02, 2010 Season 1 Episode 5

Brooke Shields ("Lipstick Jungle") begins her journey with her mother?s side of the family, taking her to Newark, New Jersey to find out more about her grandmother?s roots. There, she uncovers a tragic secret that profoundly changes the way she feels about her grandmother, Teresa. From New Jersey, Brooke travels to Rome and France, tracing her father?s family history to one of European aristocracy and even royal connections.
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Matthew Broderick

Mar 26, 2010 Season 1 Episode 4

Broadway star Matthew Broderick knew little about his grandfather, James Joseph Broderick, and is shocked to learn about his involvement as a medic in World War I. Continuing his research, he discovers his grandmother, Mary Martindale, was a descendant from a Civil War hero, Robert Martindale, who fought at Gettysburg and joined the historic march through Georgia. While in Atlanta, Georgia, researching Robert?s death, he unwittingly helps historians solve a 150 year-old mystery.
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Lisa Kudrow

Mar 19, 2010 Season 1 Episode 3

Since childhood, Lisa Kudrow ("Friends") has known that her grandmother Gertrude had it tough. GertrudeÕs mother, Meri, perished in the Holocaust. LisaÕs father recalls hearing about her death from a young Polish sailor, a cousin named Yuri who was last seen in New York in the late 1940s. LisaÕs father never forgot Yuri for warning him and his family to leave their village for safety before the Nazi army invasion. From Los Angeles to Belarus, to the actual village where Meri once lived, LisaÕs journey reveals clues leading her to something neither she nor her father ever thought possible.
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Emmitt Smith

Mar 12, 2010 Season 1 Episode 2

Football legend Emmitt Smith is intrigued by a family rumor that his paternal grandmother, Erma Lee Watson, had white ancestry. As he travels deep into rural Alabama to colonial Virginia and beyond on the trail of Erma?s great grandmother Mariah, Smith uncovers a story more dramatic than he ever could have imagined.
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Sarah Jessica Parker

Mar 05, 2010 Season 1 Episode 1

In this riveting series premiere, Sarah Jessica Parker ("Sex and the City") embarks on an exciting adventure into the unknown to learn about her family tree. With the help of Ancestry.com, Sarah Jessica'?s story takes her on not one, but two awe inspiring journeys, first to Northern California and then to Salem, Massachusetts.
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