Whip It TV Show Watchlist


Drew Barrymore makes her directorial debut with this quirky sports drama about an ex-beauty queen (Ellen Page) who gives up her tiara for roller derby, to the dismay of her mother (Marcia Gay Harden). Kristen Wiig, Juliette Lewis.


Ellen Page Bliss Cavendar
Drew Barrymore "Smashley Simpson"
Juliette Lewis "Iron Maven"
Kristen Wiig "Maggie Mayhem"
Marcia Gay Harden Brooke Cavendar
Daniel Stern Earl Cavendar
Alia Shawkat Pash Amini
Jimmy Fallon "Hot Tub" Johnny Rocket
Zoe Bell "Bloody Holly"
Eve "Rosa Sparks"
Ari Graynor "Eva Destruction"
Sean O'Reilly Colby's Friend #2
Sam Zikakis Colby's Friend #3
Rusty Mewha Holy Rollers Coach
Danny Mooney Smashley's Fiancé
Har Mar Superstar Fight Attendants Coach
Kent Cummins Atomic City Clerk #1
Sarah Yaeger Atomic City Clerk #2
Chloe Truehart Atomic City Girl #1
John Eatherly Oliver's "Turbo Fruits" Band Mate
Jonas Stein Oliver's "Turbo Fruits" Band Mate
Max Peebles Oliver's "Turbo Fruits" Band Mate