Where My Dogs At? 2006 | TV Show Watchlist

Where My Dogs At? "Buddy and Woof Do the Movie Awards"
15:43 — Buddy and Woof follow Paris Hilton to the Movie Awards, and Woof goes above and beyond for 50 Cent.
Where My Dogs At? "The One About Jilted Jen"
14:16 — The dogs wind up being Vince and Jen's dog babies, and Buddy becomes a 'Meplace' addict.
Where My Dogs At? "Being With the Browns"
16:03 — Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston confuse Buddy and Woof for their actual kids!
Where My Dogs At? "War On Tara"
17:32 — Tara Reid gets locked in a celeb "recuperation center," along with Buddy, Woof and an angry Russell Crowe.