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Casting About: Firefly's Fillion Fronts New Series

Nathan Fillion has claimed the lead role in Drive, the mid-season Fox drama chronicling an underground race across America and exec-produced by former Firefly boss Tim Minear. Fillion, who initially passed on the gig last spring (due to a scheduling conflict), takes over for Ivan Sergei, who played Alex Tully, a charming, rogue landscaper searching for his abducted wife, in the original pilot.In other casting news, courtesy of the Ausiello Report: Happy Days' Marion Ross will swing by Brothers & Sisters in February, playing Sally Field's mother, and Dancing with the Stars alumna Stacy Kiebler has booked a multi-episode arc on What About Brian, playing a super-leggy roadblock for Bri and Bridget. read more

I have enjoyed Sarah ...

Question: I have enjoyed Sarah Lancaster's work on Everwood and What About Brian. But this year, after the wedding episode, she has completely disappeared from the series with no explanation. Her name is still in the opening credits. Will she ever appear in this show again? Will she be working in other TV shows or in feature films? Answer: From what I understand of what happened in that wedding episode, I would think that's explanation enough of why Marjorie left for a while. I think it's fair to say, without too much of a spoiler alert, that you haven't seen the last of Sarah Lancaster on the show. After all, she has stayed in the cast credits. When she does return, I can't say (nor would I, if I knew) how long she'll be sticking around ... read more

Exclusive: Brian Lands Dancing Queen

This just in: Dancing with the Stars grad Stacy Keibler is trying her hand at acting, signing on to What About Brian for a multi-episode arc. Per a source close to the show, the WWE diva — who'll first appear around February — will cause problems between Brian and current girlfriend Bridget when she moves in next door. In other Brian news, relative newcomer Jessica Szohr is joining the cast as a series regular. She'll play Keibler's roommate.This is probably a good time for me to ask: Is anyone watching this show? read more

December 11, 2006: Some Things Are Better Off Not Being Known

So, before this episode's opening credits even played, my roommate — who tends to predict story lines before they even happen — blurted out, "She's seeing Brian's father!" referring to Bridget. Huh. Interesting theory, roommate… and with her prediction history, I didn't dismiss it right away.But then we met Tracy (Jane Sibbett), his wife. So without proof of some naughty affair going on behind office doors at this point, I thought Bridget's "on-and-off" guy was someone else — or possibly didn't exist at all. Tracy and Dad seemed very compatible and happy, and I liked how Brian seemed happy to witness that.Not so happy? Adam and Heather. The shotgun couple were butting heads… and lifestyles. With Heather's late nights and Adam's regimented schedule, I'm not sure how they'll mesh from here on out. And Jimmy threw a wrench into the already-shaky relationship with his background check on the bride. "If a friend has a friend and that friend is me? Then yes, yo... read more

Memo to Lost: See Ya Later (An Hour Later)

Finally, ABC has woken up to the fact that the best way to handle Lost is to save the best for last. As in the last hour of prime time — 10 pm/ET — to be exact. Since it was proving an impossible task for any show to successfully follow Lost, with so many of the show’s obsessive fans apparently heading straight to the message boards (or maybe even the phone) to digest and discuss the latest happenings and mysteries with fellow travelers, it makes perfect sense for ABC to make Lost the big event that the entire night builds up to.Getting it out of the path of the show-killing American Idol is just a happy side effect (not to mention the increasingly popular Criminal Minds, which I’m happy not to mention).Of course, it would help if ABC were giving Lost a more promising lead-in than a two-hour comedy block featuring returning mediocrities According to Jim and George Lopez in the first hour and two new sitcoms, the quirky The Knights of Prosperity and the as-yet-u... read more

December 4, 2006: 200 Cupcakes and Baby Steps

"I think getting married was a mistake." Phew. Me too, Heather. She definitely had a point with the whole my-life-is-in-your-hands thing — it is kind of weird to think about being so connected to someone whom you've just met... who possibly did marry you because he's on the rebound after a traumatic experience. But in a surprising twist — at least to me — they decide to try being married after all. This should be interesting.In another fast lane, speed-dating at Ivy's was pretty funny, especially when she prematurely blew the horn when her husband sat down in front of an attractive woman who looked excited to meet him. The whole competitive story line between Brian and Bridget showed both of their weaknesses... and strengths. Brian is that guy who can't say no to anyone, who loves to be liked, and who doesn't want to disappoint. I find that's only a minor downfall, because his nice, friendly demeanor is endearing enough to bring in clients and to get Bridget's atte... read more

Ratings: Almost 16 Mil Attend Heroes Homecoming

Which milestones were achieved this Monday? Take a look:— Prison Break hit a season high, with 9.58 million total viewers.— Falling juuuust shy of 16 million viewers, Heroes set yet another series high. (And how about Eden goin' all Superman II Ursa on us?)— During the 10 o'clock hour, both Studio 60 (down 480K, to 7.31 mil) and What About Brian (slipping 250,000, to 5.35 million) sank to series lows. read more

November 20, 2006: Don't Let the Gobblers Get You Down

"Your mom was a stripper?" What a fuzzy-warm opening — a budding relationship that's in the all-smiles phase. I'm excited about Adam and Heather (aka Summer) and her theory about waiting until the fifth date to get down and dirty. Jimmy thinks this is just a rebound thing, but you can see in Adam's eyes it's definitely not. Although, I wonder if his conversation with Jimmy sparked memories of Marjorie. In the hospital maternity ward, Brian's hair is growing on me, because it's actually done nicely.... Somebody found some mousse! "Are you high?" he asks Nicole when she says working for their father might actually be a good idea. He'd happily switch and grieve for her while she works for Dad. Oh Brian... chin up, buddy. I swear one day he'll be happy.... But we really wouldn't have a show if he found it now. Working for Dad means having boundaries. "I'm not expecting any favors, and I won't be asking for any," Brian says. And it's straight business from here on out as Dad lays do... read more

Ratings: Howie, Heroes and Miami Hit Highs

Wow, a lot of people were watching television this Monday night:— Deal or No Deal, with an audience of 17.97 million total viewers, enjoyed not just a season high but also its second-biggest audience ever, behind the June 5 first-season finale.— Prison Break (9.15 mil) had its best outing since Sept. 18.— Up 800,000 heads from last week, The Class (8.5 mil) earned its best grades since Oct. 16.— Heroes set a new series high, with 15.01 million viewers, coming within a mil of comedy warhorse Two and a Half Men.— A repeat of House drew 9.25 mil. That's 3.4 mil more than the number of people who checked out the last fresh outing of Justice.— CSI: Miami's based-on-a-LaRue-story episode (18.43 mil) was its season's best.— Studio 60 (7.79 million) had its best showing since Oct. 9.Playing the role of Debbie Downer in this ratings recap is What About Brian, which celebrated its full-season pickup by drawing its smallest audience of the season — 5.59... read more

November 13, 2006: "This Isn't Life.... It's Limbo."

After an extra week to digest the news of Angelo's death, What About Brian returns in a somber state. We open at Angelo's service and with Dave trying to remember the lighter moments of his friendship, mixed in with a little lesson for everybody: Life's too short. But sadness quickly turns into the quirky tone that usually resonates in this show, as Karen creates a schedule for the friends to rotate looking after Nic. Despite Brian breaking up with her after the service, I have an unsettling feeling that she's not completely gone. But how long is she going to stick around? Because I'm really missing sweet, levelheaded Julie from Felicity while I'm watching Amy Jo Johnson play this irritating part.William Devane is stirring the pot as Nic and Brian's father. Their family history is slowly unfolding — the mental health of their mom, the blame placed on their dad. Brian clearly still holds a grudge, and I'm quickly reminded of the sometimes-rebellious Matt we used to see on 7th He... read more

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