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Stacy Keibler Goes Dancing with ABC's George and Brian

Stacy Keibler on George Lopez

With a WWE history and a stage name like "Super Stacy," 5-foot-11 Stacy Keibler certainly knows how to make an entrance that gets fans screaming and captivates admirers. Her long legs — famously 42 inches long — were helpful as she spun her way into the second season of Dancing with the Stars. But with wrasslin' and rumba behind her, Keibler is excited to cozy up to fun, girlie roles, starting with ABC's George Lopez (tonight and Feb. 21, at 8 pm/ET), and then on What About Brian (starting Feb. 12, at 10 pm/ET). TVGuide.com sought out Keibler for the scoop on what it was like dating a much older man, hanging out with read more

ABC's Brian Comes Up Short (But Doesn't)

An ABC spokesperson confirms for TVGuide.com that J.J. Abrams' What About Brian will now air only 19 episodes this season, as opposed to 22. The rep, though, stresses that the abbreviated run is "no reflection on the show in any way." Rather, "ABC had no room on the schedule for those [three episodes], so it has decided to pull back."For more good Brian news, watch for our Wednesday Q&A with guest star Stacy Keibler, whose character looks to be the answer to many fans' prayers — and just in time for Valentine's Day, no less! read more

January 29, 2007: Out with the Old....

Don't we all love a weekend away in a cozy cabin with tons of space and plenty of room for drama? And who doesn't get a chuckle out of Dave wearing a fishing hat? Memories were floating around the lake — Dave's proposal to Deena, Adam's wine scare and Marjorie thoughts — and the new people are feeling out of place. Or one in particular.... "Women don't like me." Aw. Poor, pretty Bridget. No girlfriends, no gossip pals. Just one large basket of awkward. But what does she expect being Daddy's leftovers? (Kind of funny that they were in his cabin.) She was not faring well among the ladies at first. After all, she's a dog person. I thought it was hilarious how she was giving everyone a title, like Jimmy and Ivy being the "sex couple."It was pretty bold of Heather to show up at the hospital to talk to Marjorie. "What is your intention toward my husband?" Direct and to the point. History trumps a month-long marriage… even if Marjorie did hurt him. We knew he wasn't going to... read more

January 22, 2007: The Six-week Itch

Marjorie's return is immediately making me side with Adam and put up a wall for him. Here's this guy who thought his life was totally together, who genuinely cared about his fiancée, who was happy and going places… and then he's left at the altar, putting him back at square one, totally disheveled and finding himself cornered into new experiences. OK, so he may have been on a time line before, a little rigid even, but he didn't deserve to be deserted like that. Oddly, though, I'm happy she left him. He needed to live more, find a new groove, find his friendship with Brian again. So, I don't want to see Marjorie dig into him again. Watching him stand out on the balcony staring out into nothing was hard. Am I making sense?On the other hand, Dr. Marj being back in town during Dave and Deena's time of need is convenient and a good tie-in with her and the group again. Dave and Deena are at yet another crossroads, but I'm not surprised. Deena never ceases to aggravate me. Why is... read more

As much as I try to get into ...

Question: As much as I try to get into What About Brian, something about it just doesn't stick. It has its moments. I hope the newest addition of Tiffani Thiessen changes that. She's great at playing the tease. Though I have to say, I was hoping Thiessen would make a cameo/brief appearance at least on Grey's Anatomy as another one of Derek's sisters with a McSteamy past. What are your thoughts?
Answer: Just guessing, but if Thiessen had her choice, I bet she'd have picked going on Grey's over Brian as well. As for her joining the What About Brian ensemble: another case of too little too late ... read more

January 15, 2007: Past, Present and Runaway Brides Returned

Great golf opener. Putt like a third grader, tease like a teenager ("You married a stripper, right?"). Laying the cards out on the green pretty much proves that everyone on this show has some major baggage/issues/potential to self-destruct.Like Nicole, for example. With her hoodie up and whisper on, it's all about baby steps to acquiring motherhood wisdom, and let's just thank friendship that Deena knows what she's doing (or, by default of Dave's two-handed transfer). OK, self-destruction is avoided here, but baggage? Ohhh boy....Marjorie's name is uttered after a very long hiatus, and all the swarming madness that comes with it just came rushing back. Meanwhile, Adam and Heather are robbed by a Summer fan and the flat-screen/LCD/hi-def/whatever-it's-called no longer swivels. We knew her quitting "dancing" couldn't be that easy, right? You may have bought out the club, Adam, but now you have no TV to watch when you snuggle up with your former lap-dancing wife, who probably collected... read more

When is Sarah Lancaster ...

Question: When is Sarah Lancaster returning to What About Brian?

Answer: Um, this past Monday, silly. She'll also appear next week.   

read more

January 8, 2007: The Rules of Life

Rule #1: Never interrupt a girl-on-girl story.The holidays are over and the Brian drama is right where we left it. Nicole's still pregnant, Dave and Deena are still separated, and Heather's still a stripper.Adam's not too happy about it, either. I can see why he's upset about Heather dancing, but it's hard to readjust your entire lifestyle because of one rash decision. Despite the fact that they don't know much about each other, I'm rooting for their marriage now. Figuring it all out along the way might actually work for them. The moment in the hospital when they were talking about having kids was really sweet.I loved everything about Dave in this episode, but really... when don't I? But I'm getting tired of the Dave/Deena competition that's been going on. The entire drive to the hospital was making me nuts. But I knew it would come to that. How could Nicole say no to his delivery-room offer? "If I was in labor, I'd definitely want me with me." Aw! He does have a scar to prove he'll... read more

December 18, 2006: Jumbo Jets, Funnel Cakes and Karma

Well, the players may have changed, but the Brian group is still commencing for group dinners, watching sports and small talk in the kitchen. Sure, Heather may be no Marjorie, and Ivy puts a twist in the normal girl gab, but I like the changes and how this group is constantly mutating and conforming to the present situation. And presently, we've got an uncomfortable mother-to-be with "full-on Sydney Bristow kicks" — I wonder if co-producer J.J. Abrams (creator of Alias) snuck that in there — and lots of other uncomfortable non-pregnant problems, like the latest sad Dave-and-Deena moment when they verbally recognized the fact that they both aren't wearing their rings anymore. But I'm not going to dwell on the separated couple this week. I finally feel bad for Brian. Up until now, I've been telling myself that he puts himself in tough situations and hangs out there just to torture himself. But now, I think he's just finding unfortunate holes that suck him in like quicksand... read more

South of Nowhere Siren Turns What About Brian Home-wrecker

Valery Ortiz

Nothing's more refreshing amid a dizzying spell of addictive TV shows and budding stars than a young, vibrant actor who still becomes speechless at the thought of her success, and has a ways to go before she'll ever grow out of it. Luckily, 22-year-old Valery Ortiz — known for her role as popular cheerleader Madison Duarte on South of Nowhere — was in the mood to gab when TVGuide.com asked her about South of Nowhere's tragic upcoming finale, her stint on ABC's What About Brian (starting tonight at 10 pm/ET), and "dating" Hollywood hotties. TVGuide.com: I'm definitely excited to see you on What About Brian!Valery Ortiz: I watched the promo last night and my whole family was like, "Oh, my god! read more

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