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Latest Episode: Eternally Stuffed

Nov 23, 2010 Season 3 Episode 13 watch on (Paid)

Preserved for an eternal after-life...these strange taxidermies make some cringe in fear or horror. Yet to others, this ancient art is the ultimate form of respect, even worship. Counting down astonishing cases of animals...Eternally Stuffed.


Jan 01, 2009 Season 1 Episode 39

From supernatural creatures to ghouls and ghosts of the grave. When things go bump in the night, it could be a four-legged poltergeist. Counting down the world's most astonishing animal Hauntings.
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Obese Beasts [HD]

Jan 01, 2010 Season 1 Episode 38

Huge hogs. Fat felines. Chunky monkeys. They gobble, gorge and grow to supersized weights. But sometimes bigger isn't better. These are the world's most unbelievably obese beasts.
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Medical Mysteries

Jan 01, 2009 Season 1 Episode 37

From the lab to the examining room, these animals' symptoms confound science. Their conditions defy Darwin. Counting down the animal kingdom's most amazing medical mysteries.
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Swallowed [HD]

Jan 01, 2010 Season 1 Episode 32

Do you know what your dog has swallowed lately? Hopefully it's not your fiancé's diamond ring, or that kitchen knife! Uncover the most harrowing tales of animals found in the belly of a beast on Swallowed.
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Jan 01, 2009 Season 1 Episode 30

The most remarkable anomalies in nature's ongoing search to make the perfect animal coloring. To some, they're omens of evil. To others, sacred spirits incarnate. Counting down the world's most astonishing ALBINO animals.
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Mutants 2 [HD]

Dec 07, 2008 Season 1 Episode 27

Animals battling bizarre and baffling deformities pushing nature - and genetic science - to the breaking point. Twin terrors. Cranium catastrophes, mangled, missing parts and extreme extras. They shouldn't be alive, but they are.
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Bizarre Beasts & Beings [HD]

Dec 02, 2008 Season 1 Episode 26

Some are cultural phenomena still to be proven--like Big Foot, the legendary missing link. These unconventional animals continue to fill volumes of folklore and legend. These are the most renowned Legendary Creatures.
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Shark Bites [HD]

Dec 07, 2008 Season 1 Episode 25

Whether it's a tourist who risks it all to swim with these frightening foes, or a fisherman who puts his life on the line for his livelihood, you won't be able to look a way from these hair raising Shark Attacks.
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Disgusting Jobs

Nov 25, 2008 Season 1 Episode 24

From facilitating elephant mating, to keeping the medical field flush with blood sucking leeches to collecting the precious droppings of a feared creature of the night, you'll get the behind the scenes lowdown on some of the worlds most vile animal jobs.
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Caught on Tape

Nov 22, 2008 Season 1 Episode 23

Whether by accident or deliberate human intervention, video evidence of shocking animal-human encounters that makes having a camera a high-risk venture for these surprising scenes Caught on Tape.
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Mob Mentality

Nov 25, 2008 Season 1 Episode 22

March with the dedicated rainforest army ants of Costa Rica,seeing them kill game many times their size,or be shocked by some of the most unforgiving Chimps along the Ivory coast.Some of these animals are able to defeat anything with their "Mob Mentality"
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Animal Feats [HD]

Nov 11, 2008 Season 1 Episode 21

These animals open our eyes to uncanny agility and intelligence all too often overlooked, performing, perfecting, amazing in never-before-seen animal feats.
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Invaders [HD]

Nov 11, 2008 Season 1 Episode 20

Dangerous health hazards. Ferocious ferals. Unshakeable pests. Unwelcome alien species who make walking down the street a lethal obstacle course. But can they be stopped before it's too late? These are the seven most destructive animal Invaders.
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Radical Rescues [HD]

Nov 04, 2008 Season 1 Episode 19

Whether it's lost killer whales who need to be guided home, or a canine in danger of hypothermia, find out the altruistic side of man's nature through these heroic acts of intervention on Radical Rescues.
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Oct 28, 2008 Season 1 Episode 18

These mammoth menageries are the world's most extreme animal assemblages. Mystifying. Mind-boggling. Often inspiring. Animal obsessions that challenge what it means to love too much.
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Oct 21, 2008 Season 1 Episode 17

From male lions brutally killing baby cubs for control of the pride, to female spiders eating their mate during sex, these are the stories of ruthless betrayal in the violent race for survival and dominance.
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Creature Creations

Oct 21, 2008 Season 1 Episode 16

These animals are the result of intensive experimentations and genetically altered super-species. Like modern-day Dr. Frankensteins, some animal scientists are engineering never-before seen creatures that boggle the mind.
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Creepy Cures

Oct 21, 2008 Season 1 Episode 15

Uncover the shocking ways animals become medicine with these Killer Cures. Traveling around the globe, see how different cultures approach healing with a little help from the animal kingdom.
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Oct 14, 2008 Season 1 Episode 14

Animals grown to massive magnitudes dwarfing their own kind. From a bunny rabbit the size of a dog, to a squid longer than a school bus, these massive giants are the product of limitless feeding frenzies, freak twists of nature and selective breeding.
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Colossal Catches

Oct 14, 2008 Season 1 Episode 13

When one of these giants takes the bait, a day of fishing turns into an adrenaline-pumped fight to the finish. Rare video of some of the greatest catches caught on camera reveal titanic tugs of war and backbreaking battles of man vs. mammoth beast.
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Oct 07, 2008 Season 1 Episode 12

A coyote makes a visit to a Chicago sandwich shop. A moose takes a dip in a suburban swimming pool. Bats take over an office building. See what happens when wild animals decide it's time for a change of scenery.
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Oct 07, 2008 Season 1 Episode 10

An entire town taken over by mice. Innocent school children attacked by throngs of yellow jackets. When animals and insects come together in massive numbers, the horrifying hordes will make you wonder if the world is coming to an end.
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Odd Couples [HD]

Sep 23, 2008 Season 1 Episode 9

Nothing warms the heart like a little inter-species love. From the orangutan that falls for a tiger to the tortoise that mothers a baby hippo, these critters find companionship in the oddest of circumstances.
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Animal Swingers

Sep 23, 2008 Season 1 Episode 8

They call it the wild thing for a reason. From orgies to carnivorous courtship to romantic role reversal, the animal kingdom shows us a thing or two about the art of amour.
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Peculiar Pets

Sep 23, 2008 Season 1 Episode 7

Sometimes humans take their companionship with animals a little bit too far. Hording a house full of kittens is one thing, but these animal lovers go to shocking lengths for their bizarre pets.
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Animal Swingers [HD]

Sep 16, 2008 Season 1 Episode 6

They call it the wild thing for a reason. From orgies to carnivorous courtship to romantic role reversal, the animal kingdom shows us a thing or two about the art of amour.
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When Animals Snap

Sep 16, 2008 Season 1 Episode 5

Animals get cranky too, and sometimes they take it out on the people around them. Whether it's a bird pecking pedestrians as they walk down the street, or an angry elephant, these are animals you don't want to mess with.
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Sep 16, 2008 Season 1 Episode 4

From human copycats who've had plastic surgery to look like leopards and tigers, to people who spend their days on all fours living like wild dogs, they're modern day sideshow freaks living in the real world.
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Creepy Cuisines [HD]

Sep 09, 2008 Season 1 Episode 3

This episode of "Weird, True and Freaky" runs down the seven creepiest cuisines of all time.
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Snake Meals

Sep 09, 2008 Season 1 Episode 2

Imagine eating two times your own weight--in one bite. That's just a snack for these slithering carnivores. From golf balls, to gazelles, to alligators, these outrageous feasts will make your jaw drop.
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Sep 07, 2008 Season 1 Episode 1

Cyclops. Two-headed creatures. Animals with a little something extra in the limb department. From household pets, to farm animals, to wildlife, real-life freaks of nature pop up everywhere. Shocking stories of mutant animals uncovered.
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