Weird Science

Two high-school geeks create their dream girl via computer in this series based on the 1985 John Hughes movie.

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Scientists in Portugal Discover the Fossils of Earth's Largest Predator
In Lourinha, Portugal, scientists have discovered the fossils of Metoposaurus Algarvensis, a huge predatory amphibian who lived during the rise of the (more…)
Video Captures Praying Mantises in Flight
Researchers have captured incredible video showing praying mantises leaping.
Watch Laser Zap This Mosquito
A Bellevue, Washington company is developing a high tech method of getting rid of mosquitoes and other pests. KING5's Glenn Farley reports.
Weird Science
Take two high-school nerds who can't get a date, cross them with a modern day "Frankenstein" experiment and what do you get? The answer is the origina (more…)
Obama Becomes First 3D-Printed President
The Smithsonian teamed up with the White House to take a 3D portrait of President Obama.