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Latest Episode: Genie Junior

Jul 25, 1998 Season 5 Episode 17 watch on

Lisa inadvertently gives birth to a junior genie in a misconceived attempt to teach Chett a lesson about responsibility.

School Spirits

Jul 11, 1998 Season 5 Episode 14

Lisa and the guys help the ghosts of Farber High show their school spirit when they scare Scampi out of tearing down their favorite wing.
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Future Brides

Mar 07, 1997 Season 5 Episode 9

With Lisa's "Bride Tracker," Wyatt finds his future wife. However, his intended isn't too intent on spending any time---much less forever---with the rushing groom.
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Bee In There

Feb 23, 1997 Season 5 Episode 8

After Gary and Wyatt wish their fathers had spent more time with them when they were growing up, Lisa zaps them back in time.
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Show Chett

Feb 16, 1997 Season 5 Episode 7

As a way of dressing down Chett for his lecherous behavior, Lisa turns him into an exotic dancer in Vegas. But he turns the tables and proves he can strip with the best of them.
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Gary Had A Little Cram

Jan 26, 1997 Season 5 Episode 4

As the guys begin their senior year of high school, Wyatt sets his sights on college while Gary has no idea what he is going to do.
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