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Jul 25, 1998 Season 5 Episode 18 watch on

Lisa's efforts to "erase the hate" among students at Farber High result in aliens invading Earth.

Community Property

Jun 29, 1996 Season 4 Episode 22

Gary and Wyatt argue over who's been abusing the genie magic. An irritated Lisa tries to teach them a lesson by initiating a genie custody battle.
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Mar 23, 1996 Season 4 Episode 11

Lisa finds herself in trouble after she conjures up a crew of singing, snarling pirates during Wyatt's rehearsal for the school musical.
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Strangers In Paradise

Mar 16, 1996 Season 4 Episode 10

When Chett wishes to be stranded on a desert island, Lisa happily grants his request--only to find herself accidentally trapped with him.
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It's A Mob, Mob, Mob, Mob World

Mar 02, 1996 Season 4 Episode 8

Wyatt has to put the "good" back into goodfella after Lisa grants his wish for a closer family by turning the Donnellys into a mob clan.
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Lisa's Childhood Memories

Feb 24, 1996 Season 4 Episode 7

The guys download a family for Lisa, complete with a warrior princess mom and an American Gladiator boyfriend.
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It's A Wonderful Life (Without You)

Feb 10, 1996 Season 4 Episode 6

Lisa zaps Wyatt out of existence to see what life would have been without him...and it doesn't seem too bad.
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Phantom Scampi

Jan 20, 1996 Season 4 Episode 3

To keep Wyatt out of detention, Lisa uses her magic to turn Principal Scampi into his best friend. Unfortunately the spell goes out of control when the entire student body alienates Wyatt and Scampi tries his hand as a "Phantom of the Opera" style hero.
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Jan 13, 1996 Season 4 Episode 2

Chett is abducted by aliens and replaced by an unstoppable android whose mission is to capture Lisa and make her the unsavory aliens' new "queen".
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Puppet Love

Jan 06, 1996 Season 4 Episode 1

Gary tries to woo a girl, using a handsome remote-controlled "puppet man." His plan goes awry, however, when the object of his affection is more attracted to the puppet than to him.
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