Weird Science

Two high-school geeks create their dream girl via computer in this series based on the 1985 John Hughes movie.

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Bill Paxton, <EM>Big Love</EM>

Bill Paxton Is Feeling the Love

What's a fella to do when he has Jeanne Tripplehorn, Chloe Sevigny and (that's right, and) Ginnifer Goodwin for wives (other than invest in Hallmark stock, that is)? Big-screen star Bill Paxton talks with TV Guide about getting some real action as a… Read more

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WS4 Season 5, Episode 18 Jul 25, 1998 Subscription

Lisa's efforts to "erase the hate" among students at Farber High result in aliens invading Earth.

Genie Junior Season 5, Episode 17 Jul 25, 1998 Subscription

Lisa inadvertently gives birth to a junior genie in a misconceived attempt to teach Chett a lesson about responsibility.

Night Of The Swingin' Steves Season 5, Episode 16 Jul 18, 1998 Subscription

Agents Scolder and Molly are back on the case after Lisa files a complaint against those pesky aliens who keep harassing her to breed with them.

Wicked Wish Season 5, Episode 15 Jul 18, 1998 Subscription

Wyatt's mom tries to be the fairest of them all by using a magic mirror to get rid of all of the pretty girls in town---including Lisa!

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Weird Science
Take two high-school nerds who can't get a date, cross them with a modern day "Frankenstein" experiment and what do you get? The answer is the origina (more…)