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October 30, 2006: Do You Want to Die Today? Season 2, Episode 12

They shoot pot dealers, don't they? That question lingers as Season 2 of Showtime's Weeds drew to a close with a helpless, hempless Nancy staring down the barrels of not one or two but five serious pieces of firepower... never once setting down that prominently displayed can of Diet Coke. Her only possible salvation: Silas, now in possession of the final MILF weed harvest, but himself also in dire straits, with Celia and a policeman marching toward the 38-pound stash. And let's not forget poor Shane, who graduated from grade school straight into an impetuous, Cactus Cooler-fueled trip to Paraguay, with Kat (as in Krazy) behind the wheel, and Uncle Andy and Abumchuck in heated pursuit.And to think that the Weeds writers almost tied everything up in a neat bundle instead! So glad they opted otherwise, (as explained in my fresh Features Q&A with series creator Jenji Kohan).Was I entirely satisfied with the season-ending cliff-hanger? No, not entirely. I think it was a cheat to kill... read more

Yeah, Like Tomatoes Season 2, Episode 11

Peter makes some serious demands involving his and Nancy's marriage and the pot profits; Heylia heads for prison, but not before making a deal with the Armenian pusher (Arthur Darbinyan); Celia tells Dean she's leaving him for Doug; Andy's ex refuses to leave. read more

October 16, 2006: Up in Smoke Season 2, Episode 10

Just the other day, I received an invite to a star-studded Manhattan screening of Weeds' second-season finale, airing for the rest of y'all two weeks from now. "A theatrical screening, really?" I said to myself. But now, having seen this week's episode, it's becoming apparent that the stakes are as high as Doug on any given day. Yes, it's not much of a laughing matter these days in Agrestic, what with Heylia lobbing threats and ultimatums at Nancy, the awfully discordant "dinner with the family," and Peter putting his ears where they don't belong.As glad as I was to see Silas get pushed around a bit — seriously, dude's sad-sack slacker teen bit has gotten way old — I'm not thrilled that they're fashioning Nance's DEA-agent hubby into the show's antagonist, since that's kind of the easy, "pot-peddlers good, narcs bad" way out. Still, that final moment, where we saw that Peter was listening in on his wife's somewhat out-of-context, yet still incriminating, convo with Conrad ... read more

Bash Season 2, Episode 9

Peter (Martin Donovan) pressures Nancy to get out of the business; Shane realizes what his mother does for a living; Doug and Celia discover that politics really does make for strange bedfellows; Silas, Shane and Andy commemorate the late Judah's birthday with a special celebration. read more

MILF Money Season 2, Episode 8

The new weed is ready and Nancy's first sale is to a record engineer who wows his boss, Snoop Dogg (as himself), with the potent pot; Celia brings her anti-drug program to Agrestic Elementary School; Heylia discovers that Nancy and Conrad have been dealing behind her back. read more

September 25, 2006: Keep Off the Grass Season 2, Episode 7

So, at long last, Celia's city-council election story line dovetails in the general direction of Nancy's blossoming bud biz. Yes, I'm peeved that it came at the expense of Doug's title as "Councilman Doug," but there was small solace in the fact that it came down to a matter of three votes -- and Doug wasn't even on the ballot! Speaks volumes. Celia's first order of business: To not only get hubby Dean off the weed, but all of Agrestic, too. People in grass houses....I like how Nancy is having to deal, almost every week now, with accountability for what she does. Look at poor Silas, who wants to parlay his poor SAT scores into a lieutenantship in Mom's business. Uh, I don't think so, said Nance, who quickly sought comfort from Peter (no go, as his boy hates Dad's new girlfriend), then Conrad. As Nancy asked Conrad how she could spend the next two hours burning off her buzz, did anyone else think/fear they would hook up? That day may be coming, I suspect, and oh, how it will create c... read more

September 18, 2006: Here We Grow Again Season 2, Episode 6

"How do I write about this?!" I asked my wife and fellow Weeds enthusiast as we watched Andy's first, um, "lovemaking" session with Yael. For now, all I will say is "Poor, poor Andy." What a shame that we have to wait a week to be privy to his own "morning-after" thoughts.If I have any lament about this otherwise stellar Season 2 of Showtime's Weeds, it's that everyone's stories are rather segregated and compartmentalized these days. Celia is almost completely on her own, save for Dave and Doug's connection to Nancy's biz. As "interesting" as her courtship with Mr. Nation of Islam is ? I ask again, is he a fake? ? Heylia has precious little interaction with Nancy or even Conrad for that matter. And Andy... poor, poor Andy.Speaking of he who won't be sitting down for a while, is Andy far and away the most entertaining character this season? The lengths to which he went to save Conrad's plant... I'm amazed he didn't make a quip about how he found a pot to p--- in. Then again, Doug has... read more

Mrs. Botwin's Neighborhood Season 2, Episode 5

Nancy gets a special favor from a special friend in her neighborhood war with her main competition, the Armenian dealers; Megan goes by herself to tell her parents she's pregnant; Isabelle auditions as a model for a large-kids' clothing line; Celia debates Doug; at school, Shane gets caught bragging about his visit to a massage parlor. read more

AKA The Plant Season 2, Episode 4

There's progress on the grow house until a menacing neighbor makes an unexpected and surprising threat; Uncle Andy has a solution when Shane gets ridiculed in school because of his limited sexual experience; Heylia is courted by a member of the Nation of Islam; Dean gets downsized from the firm; Isabelle is offered a job modeling a clothing line for larger children. read more

Last Tango in Agrestic Season 2, Episode 3

Peter (Martin Donovan) deals with the fact that Nancy's a drug dealer; Celia sends Isabelle to a weight-loss boot camp in preparation for her summer stay at fat camp; Shane crosses the threshold of puberty. read more

Cooking with Jesus Season 2, Episode 2

After breaking up with the DEA agent (Martin Donovan), Nancy attends a “small-business expo” devoted to growing pot; Conrad canvasses partners in an attempt to come up with seed money for his own marijuana enterprise. Also, Megan (Shoshannah Stern) gets accepted into Princeton, and Silas feels like he may be getting left behind. read more

Corn Snake Season 2, Episode 1

Nancy discovers that her new beau (Martin Donovan) is a DEA agent; Celia decides to run for city council---against Doug; Andy applies to rabbinical school and faces a tough admissions officer (Meital Dohan). read more

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Premise: A suburban California widow deals pot to make ends meet after the unexpected death of her husband.



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