A sweeping sequel to `The Winds of War' picks up the Henry family story after Pearl Harbor, meshing personal travails with detailed re-creations of pivotal WWII events. Herman Wouk adapted his novel for this 30-hour marathon, filmed in more than 10 countries at a reported cost of $110 million. It came to symbolize the decline of big-budget programming projects, and was something of a surprise Emmy winner for Outstanding Miniseries, beating out `Lonesome Dove.'


Robert Mitchum Capt./Rear Adm. Victor `Pug' Henry
Jane Seymour Natalie Jastrow Henry
Sharon Stone Janice Henry
Topol Berel Jastrow
Peter Graves Palmer Kirby
Robert Hardy Winston Churchill
Polly Bergen Rhoda Henry
Robert Morley Alistair Tudsbury
Sami Frey Avram Rabinovitz
John Rhys-Davies Sammy Mutterperl
Ian McShane Philip Rule
E.G. Marshall Dwight D. Eisenhower
Jeremy Kemp Brig. Gen. Armin Von Roon
Ralph Bellamy President Franklin D. Roosevelt
Eddie Albert Breckenridge Long
Mike Connors Col. Harrison `Hack' Peters
Kenneth Colley SS Col. Paul Blobel
Lawrence Dobkin Gen. George S. Patton
Howard Duff William Tuttle
Richard Dysart President Harry S Truman
Walker Edmiston Gen. Douglas MacArthur
Nina Foch Comtesse de Chambrun
Robert Favart Comte de Chambrun
Pat Hingle Adm. William `Bull' Halsey
Leslie Hope Madeline Henry
Hardy Krüger Field Marshal Erwin Rommel
Michael Madsen Lt. `Foof' Turhall
Rod McCarey Hugh Cleveland
Barry Morse Col. Gen. Franz Halder
Charles Napier Lt. Gen. Walter Bedel Smith
Wolfgang Preiss Field Marshal Walter Von Brauchitsch
William Prince Adm. Chester Nimitz
Kin Shriner Horseshoes Mullen
G.D. Spradlin Rear Adm. Raymond Spruance