Steve McQueen had his breakthrough role in this Western about a bounty hunter who's armed with a sawed-off carbine. The pilot (`The Bounty Hunter') aired as a 1958 episode of the `Trackdown' series.


Guest Stars

Clark, Ed, Frank, Harmon, Tom
Adelaide, Jennifer, Jody Sykes
Billy, Clem, Cox, Seth
Deuce, Jed, Miller/Crane
Sheriff, Sheriff Deaver
George Goode, Jethro
Buff, Morley
Bayard, Rankin
Amy, Angela
James Best
Luke, Stoner
Carol, Madge Nelson
Dora, Meghan
Hayes, Saxon
Capt. Manuel Herrara, Victorio
Jackie, Margaret
Barney, El Gato
Barchester, George
Johnny, Kincaid
Elkins, Gregg Magerty
Catlett, Jesse
Frank Koster
Adam Smith/William Davis
Sheriff Eckert
Boone Morgan
Mary Tyler Moore
Sophie Anderson
Harry Wilson
Sister Flavinia
Frank Parish
Paul Bradley
Damon Ring Sr.