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Wander Over Yonder Season 1 episodes

The Gift 2: The Giftening Season 1, Episode 42

Wander sneaks onto Lord Hater's ship to give him and the Watchdogs gifts. read more

The Gift Season 1, Episode 41

Wander hands out gifts to every new friend he's made. read more

The Rider Season 1, Episode 40

Sylvia's old partner, Rider, shows up, and Wander wonders if the roguish Rider is a better teammate for Sylvia than he is. read more

The Enemies Season 1, Episode 39

Hater and Sir Brad Starlight team up to fight Wander. read more

The Funk Season 1, Episode 38

Hater learns a valuable lessons after he pulls pranks on some seemingly weak and defenseless aliens. read more

The Helper Season 1, Episode 37

Wander is unable to find anyone who actually needs his help and starts to go a little crazy because of it. read more

The Big Job Season 1, Episode 36

Sylvia is recruited by a rebel commando team to help steal Lord Hater's latest secret weapon. read more

The Stray Season 1, Episode 35

Wander helps a cute kitten, only to discover that she is actually a bounty hunter luring him into a trap. read more

The Liar Season 1, Episode 34

Wander guides a family of aliens through the perils of an active volcano. read more

The Buddies Season 1, Episode 33

Lord Hater gets trapped on his own prison planet and must play the role of Wander's best buddy to survive. read more

The Date Season 1, Episode 32

Wander convinces Sylvia to go on a date with Lord Hater, after he gets stood up. read more

The Gift II: The Giftening Season 1, Episode 31

Mysterious gifts pop up on Lord Hater's ship and each recipient is zombie-fried with gratitude. read more

The Fancy Party Season 1, Episode 30

An alien queen hosts a party and promises to give her powers to one of the attendees. read more

The Party Animal Season 1, Episode 29

Sylvia tries to stop Emperor Awesome from destroying a planet with his partying. read more

The Void Season 1, Episode 28

Wander and Sylvia enter a white void where anything is possible through imagination. read more

The Epic Quest of Unfathomable Difficulty Season 1, Episode 27

Wander forces Sylvia to go on an epic quest to return a lost sock to its owner. read more

The Fancy Party Season 1, Episode 25

Lord Hater and Wander compete for the affections of an alien queen. read more

The Toddler Season 1, Episode 26

Wander and Sylvia find a giant baby lost in the mall, but their squabbles make finding the child's parents difficult. read more

The Brainstorm Season 1, Episode 24

Peepers tries to brainstorm an invasion plan, but Hater rejects them all. read more

The Lonely Planet Season 1, Episode 23

A lonely planet named Janet becomes obsessed with Wander and wants to keep him all to herself. read more

The Night Season 1, Episode 22

Wander faces a series of obstacles in efforts to prevent Sylvia from waking up during the night. read more

The Day Season 1, Episode 21

Sylvia and Wander become imprisoned on Hater's ship and try to escape. read more

The Good Deed Season 1, Episode 20

Wander begins doing good deeds for the wrong reasons. read more

The Tourist Season 1, Episode 19

Wander tries to visit more places in the universe than a veteran tourist. read more

The Timebomb Season 1, Episode 18

Wander and Sylvia enter a galactic race. read more

The Nice Guy Season 1, Episode 17

Wander tries to make a purchase at a convenience store, but his extreme politeness complicates matters. read more

The Birthday Boy Season 1, Episode 16

Wander tries to turn Commander Peepers' arena of doom into a party palace for Lord Hater's birthday. read more

The Hero Season 1, Episode 15

Wander sets out to fulfill his fairytale dream of rescuing a princess. read more

The Bounty Season 1, Episode 14

Hater hires bounty hunters to capture Wander and Sylvia, but Peepers tries to thwart their efforts. read more

The Ball Season 1, Episode 13

A giant cosmic dog mistakes a planet for a ball, so Wander tries to help its inhabitants take on the playful pooch. read more

The Little Guy Season 1, Episode 12

Wander and Sylvia befriend a tiny watchdog cadet who is accidentally left behind on a planet. read more

The Hat Season 1, Episode 11

Wander gets lost on a dangerous planet, and Sylvia must use Wander's magical hat to find him. read more

The Box Season 1, Episode 10

Wander and Sylvia are entrusted to deliver a sealed box, and Wander can't stop obsessing about what is inside and struggles not to open it. read more

The Bad Guy Season 1, Episode 9

Wander and Sylvia crash on an asteroid populated by outlaws. read more

The Troll Season 1, Episode 8

Wander and Sylvia help Prince Cashmere and his goat warriors defend themselves against a menacing troll. read more

The Prisoner Season 1, Episode 7

Wander gets loose aboard Hater's ship and causes trouble. read more

The Pet Season 1, Episode 6

Wander and Sylvia board an abandoned spaceship and encounter an alien monster who tries to eat them. read more

The Good Deed Season 1, Episode 5

Wander's good deeds backfire and he sets out to make everything right. read more

The Fugitives Season 1, Episode 4

Wander and Sylvia become fugitives on a distant planet ruled by Lord Hater. read more

The Egg Season 1, Episode 3

Wander and Sylvia try to reunite a ferocious flying dragon with its lost egg. read more

The Greatest Season 1, Episode 2

Lord Hater tries to prove that he is the greatest in the galaxy. read more

The Picnic Season 1, Episode 1

Adventures of Wander, a happy-go-lucky space traveler, and his quick-tempered but loyal stallion Sylvia. In the opener, Wander finds the perfect spot for a celestial picnic, but it's located right next to Lord Hater's battlefield where he's waging war against Emperor Awesome. read more

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Premise: Adventures of a happy-go-lucky space traveler and his quick-tempered but loyal stallion.


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