An anthology of serials, documentaries and cartoons from the Disney canon. Perhaps the most famous segments were the 1954-55 `Davy Crockett' stories, featuring Fess Parker as the coonskin-capped hero, which sparked a full-blown national craze (along with a hit record and lots of kids merchandise to go with it). Other popular adventures included `The Swamp Fox' (with Leslie Nielsen) and `The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh' (with Patrick McGoohan). Walt Disney hosted the series until his 1966 death.

Guest Stars

Guy Williams
Don Diego de la Vega (Zorro)
3 Episodes (2002-2002)
Henry Calvin
Sgt. Garcia
3 Episodes (2002-2002)
Robert Loggia
Elfego Baca
3 Episodes (1999-1999)
Hans Conried
The Magic Mirror
1 Episode (1999)
Leslie Nielsen
Francis Marion
Michael Rennie
Captain John Winter
1 Episode (2001)