Tue Jun 30 10:00am
Countdown(Season 8, Episode 2) WGNA

Nia Peeples and Judson Mills are Rangers, drafted to help when extortionists threaten to unleash anthrax on Dallas---in less than 48 hours. Woodson: J. Kenneth Campbell. Dan: Grant Albrecht. Talbot: Greg Winne. Arthur: Eddie Braun. El Leon: Lobo Sebastian (more…)

Tue Jun 30 11:00am
Safe House(Season 8, Episode 3) WGNA

A crime boss targets his former accountant and his family, but the wife fails to follow the Rangers' protection procedure. Terman: David Groh. Lloyd: Dwight Schultz. Jill: Mary McDonough. Amelia: Cherami Leigh. Scully: Kevin Casey. Arthur: David Caprita.

Tue Jun 30 12:00pm
Way of the Warrior(Season 8, Episode 4) WGNA

Walker has visions of a shaman prior to meeting a holed-up Native American murder framee---and being transported to a similar situation in the 1860s. John Wolf/Lone Wolf: Steve Reevis. Stahl: Rex Linn. Brave Eagle/Shaman: Ned Romero. Stanton: Jim Tarwater (more…)

Wed Jul 1 10:00am
Tall Cotton(Season 8, Episode 5) WGNA

Gage and Sydney get jobs at a roadhouse owned by a crime boss (Frank Stallone) investigated by Gage's now-missing reporter sister (Rebecca Staab). Slater: Roger Callard. Stanley: Stuart Pankin. Lasalle: John Lordan. Karina: Donna Eskra. Lester: Brian Thorn (more…)

Wed Jul 1 11:00am
The Lynn Sisters(Season 8, Episode 6) WGNA

Country music's Lynns are kidnapped by music pirates who need to fulfill a commitment to their investor after the Rangers bust their operation. Stephan: Rob Youngblood. Ringo: Rick Cramer. Kahn: Daniel Day Kim. Frank: Burton Gilliam. Harry: Peter Webster (more…)

Wed Jul 1 12:00pm
Suspicious Minds(Season 8, Episode 7) WGNA

An undercover cop is found out by his drug-lord boss, and his demise is witnessed by a deaf girl whose father is an Elvis impersonator. Melissa: Rebecca Lovitch. Tony: Eddie Bowz. Helen: Clare Carey. Tantero: Joe Penny. Rico: Vic Polizos. Georgie: Hunter S (more…)

Thu Jul 2 10:00am
Widow Maker(Season 8, Episode 8) WGNA

Trivette is targeted for revenge after a suspect's accidental death by his own knife in a fight with the Ranger. Champion rodeo cowboy Ty Murray has a cameo. Ben: Barry Corbin. Zack: James Parks. J.W.: Steve Kanaly. Melissa: Allison Lange. Commander: Greg (more…)

Thu Jul 2 11:00am
Fight or Die(Season 8, Episode 9) WGNA

Wrestler Randy Savage and Ultimate Fighting champion Frank Shamrock play inmates in a prison where the warden stages fights for profit. Tracton: Marshall Teague. Warden: Charles Napier. Sandrine: Lennie Lofton. Stout: Tony Brubaker. Munger: Richard Norton (more…)

Thu Jul 2 12:00pm
Rise to the Occasion(Season 8, Episode 10) WGNA

While Walker helps clean up a middle school, Sydney goes undercover as a singer in a nightclub owned by a smuggler. Deion Sanders has a cameo. Cabral: Steven Bauer. Principal: Tonea Stewart. Jesus: Abraham Verduzco. Ms. Hewson: Pilar Biggars-Sanders. Loco: (more…)

Fri Jul 3 9:00am
Full Recovery(Season 8, Episode 11) WGNA

Sydney rescues a deliberate hit-and-run victim who's carrying a cartridge of nerve gas, but his amnesia puts a hold on his story. Dan: Scott Bailey. Bradley: Scott Weinger. Cox: Jon Cypher. Rader: Jerome Butler. Seagull: Jenni Tooley. Joe: Richard Jackson (more…)

Fri Jul 3 10:00am
A Matter of Faith(Season 8, Episode 12) WGNA

A Santa-suited group hits armored cars; a gang steals Christmas donations from a church where former members now worship. Juan: Adam G. Pastor: Luis Avalos. Jose: George Perez. Maria: Cynthia Davila. Felipe: Val Lauren. Watson: Wil Adams.

Fri Jul 3 11:00am
Vision Quest(Season 8, Episode 13) WGNA

Walker insists on doing things himself after being blinded by a bomb sent by a crime boss taking---and giving---great pains to avoid being identified. Aziz: Endre Hules. Gazal: Adoni Maropis. Hicks: Kevin Fry. White Eagle: Frank Sotonoma Salsedo. Dr. Pratt (more…)

Fri Jul 3 12:00pm
A Matter of Principle(Season 8, Episode 14) WGNA

A gunman's tattoo provides a clue in a jewelry-store robbery in which a girl is shot, turning her father (Robert Fuller) into a vigilante. Rawlins: Patrick St. Esprit. Spike: Steve Kelso. Peaches: Lisa Arturo. Betsy: Marla Adams. Jenny: Elise Horn. Frisco: (more…)

Mon Jul 6 10:00am
Thunderhawk(Season 8, Episode 15) WGNA

Warehouse robbers cross paths with thieves who stole a new sonic weapon worth $50 million to a terrorist. Becker: Jude Ciccolella. Deke: Billy Reick. Jackson: Clifton Powell. Faisal: David Ackert. Lamarr: Oliver Clark. Sam: Gavin Glennon. M.E.: Cynthia Dor (more…)

Mon Jul 6 11:00am
Justice Delayed(Season 8, Episode 16) WGNA

Trivette looks into a convicted murderer's claim of a frame, while Walker helps Alex with wedding preparations. Erika: Tammy Townsend. Russo: Michael Russo. Franklin: John Furey. Breen: Brent Sexton. Dunford: Robert O'Reilly. Carter: Roger E. Mosley. Buck: (more…)

Mon Jul 6 12:00pm
The Day of Cleansing(Season 8, Episode 17) WGNA

Walker summons Sammo Law to Dallas after the escape of hatemonger Eagleton, who plans “a catastrophic impact” as Gage tries to infiltrate his organization. Eagleton: David Keith. Sammo: Sammo Hung. Mott: Matthew Posey. Benny: Charles Sanders. Rankin: A (more…)

Tue Jul 7 10:00am
Black Dragons(Season 8, Episode 18) WGNA

Diplomatic immunity covers a cultural minister's son after he assaults Gage, who overheard him talking about heroin just before their encounter. P.K.: Byron Mann. Edward: Mako. Manny: Vincent Figueroa. Master Ko: Cary Hiroyuki-Tagawa. Shelby: Larry Manetti (more…)

Tue Jul 7 11:00am
Soldiers of Hate(Season 8, Episode 19) WGNA

After killing an FBI infiltrator and a judge who sentenced one of their own, a hate group plans to destroy a unity festival in Dallas. Braxton: Judson Scott. Darvin: Robert Bailey Jr. Hoagland: Mark Houghton. J.J.: Norris Young. Clay: Tom Martin. Reece: To (more…)

Tue Jul 7 12:00pm
The General's Return(Season 8, Episode 20) WGNA

The Rangers wage war against a gang of Vietnamese gun smugglers who viciously murdered Steven Nimh (Phillip Moon), their friend and an undercover cop. Meanwhile, the Nimh family struggles with their grief. Cordell Walker: Chuck Norris. James Trivette: Clar (more…)

Wed Jul 8 10:00am
Showdown at Casa Diablo, Part 1(Season 8, Episode 21) WGNA

Part 1 of two. The Rangers go undercover as ranch hands to apprehend the leaders of a notorious drug cartel; Alex and Sydney travel to Mexico to meet with the head of the DEA in Nuevo Laredo. Walker: Chuck Norris. Trivette: Clarence Gilyard. Alex: Sheree J (more…)

Wed Jul 8 11:00am
Showdown at Casa Diablo, Part 2(Season 8, Episode 22) WGNA

Conclusion. Walker, Trivette and Gage race to Mexico to save Alex and Sydney, who have been kidnapped by ruthless drug kingpin Cruz Ortega. Cordell Walker: Chuck Norris. James Trivette: Clarence Gilyard. Alex Cahill: Sheree J. Wilson. Gage: Judson Mills. S (more…)

Wed Jul 8 12:00pm
The Bachelor Party(Season 8, Episode 23) WGNA

Walker's bachelor retreat turns deadly when the Rangers are pursued by a bloodthirsty bear and a vengeful money launderer (Michael Harney). Walker: Chuck Norris. Trivette: Clarence Gilyard. Alex: Sheree J. Wilson. Gage: Judson Mills. Sydney: Nia Peeples. D (more…)

Thu Jul 9 10:00am
Wedding Bells, Part 1(Season 8, Episode 24) WGNA

Part 1 of two. Walker and Alex prepare for their wedding day, unaware that a pair of ruthless assassins have been hired to kill the happy couple. Walker: Chuck Norris. Alex: Sheree J. Wilson. Trivette: Clarence Gilyard. Gage: Judson Mills. Sydney: Nia Peep (more…)

Thu Jul 9 11:00am
Wedding Bells, Part 2(Season 8, Episode 25) WGNA

Conclusion. An assassin (Tony Denison) fakes his death to surprise Walker and Alex on their honeymoon in Paris. Meanwhile, Sydney frets over always being a bridesmaid. Walker: Chuck Norris. Alex: Sheree J. Wilson. Trivette: Clarence Gilyard. Gage: Judson M (more…)

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  • Premise: An action-oriented modern-day Western about a Lone Star lawman who relies on martial arts to subdue bad guys. Walker's unsubtle butt-kicking ways are often at odds with those of his partners, who favor a more cerebral way of dealing with criminals. This wa… (more)

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