V.R. Troopers

  • 1994
  • TV Show
  • TV-Y7

Three teens use virtual reality to enter another dimension and find themselves battling the menacing Grimlord in this live-action series.

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Grimlord's Dark Secret (Part 2) Season 2, Episode 23 Nov 3, 1995 Subscription

Ryan discovers how to access the pyramid and finds the source of Grimlord's secret identity. Before he can learn the identity however he's attacked by Despera. Despera proves to be a formidable opponent but VR Ryan forces her to retreat. Ryan decides he must save his friends before learning Grimlord's secret. He saves JB and Kaitlin and they go off to rescue Nebraska. Ryan returns to the pyramid but must fight HYDRA-BOT. In the lab Professor Hart and Jeb intercept a message from Grimlord: Oraclon will move the pyramid and seal off the portal trapping our heroes on the island forever. Jeb races to save his friends. Meanwhile Ryan defeats Hydra-Bot. He gets to the pyramid just as it disappears in a flash. Kaitlin and JB find Ryan in the cave semi-conscious. Grimlord's identity has eluded them. Jeb runs in to tell his friends that the portal is closing forever. They rescue Nebraska and race through the portal just in time! Ryan regrets losing the secrets to the pyramid but he's

Grimlord's Children Season 2, Episode 20 Oct 18, 1995 Subscription

Tao Dojo becomes a temporary kiddie play center when the neighborhood center has water damage. Ryan J.B. and Kaitlin must learn quickly how to deal with out-of-control kids especially young Chad who doesn't tell the truth. Ziktor/Grimlord realizing that ""kids are the future"" sends OBOTATRON to turn the children into his slaves. Obotatron releases balloons which hypnotize kids who touch them. Adults who touch the balloons become imprisoned inside. Chad meets Obotatron in the park and is chased by balloons. He tells J.B. but J.B. does not believe him. Meanwhile balloons in the dojo turn the kids into walking zombies and Ryan and Kaitlin become entrapped in the balloons which float down the street. Tao takes care of Chad and the zombie kids while J.B. transforms and fights off Obotatron to rescue Ryan and Kaitlin from the balloons. The Troopers defeat Obotatron returning the children to normal. Chad having learned to tell the truth is accepted as Tao's newest karate student.

Secret Power Season 2, Episode 3 Sep 13, 1995 Subscription

A neighborhood talent show is planned at the dojo. Amidst the festivities is little Timmy who is sad because he feels that he has no talent. Our teen heroes are determined to help him see differently. Meanwhile Icebot has created a new invention the Power Pulse -- two electro magnets one at the Magnetic North Pole the other near the Cross World City power plant. When full current is exchanged between these magnets the reality barrier will warp and Ivar's robot armies will march through to destroy the real world. Fearing that the Troopers will discover the plot Grimlord sends the MAGICIAN and several warrior bots to destroy the Troopers. The V.R. Troupers fight off the Magician and his warriors and destroy the electromagnets just in time to save our reality. Back to the talent show little Timmy says he has no talents but Ryan J.B. and Kaitlin show him that every kid has secret powers inside and lots of hidden talents.

Rise of the Red Python (Part 2) Season 1, Episode 52 Feb 28, 1994 Subscription

Ryan and J.B. desperately search for a way to help Kaitlin return to human form. J.B. is sent to fight the Red Python and the Python malfunctions midbattle. They visit their friend Dr. Poindexter hoping he can help them with Kaitlin. Poindexter has an extra retroformer and-they use it on Kaitlin bringing her back to normal. Meanwhile Amy goes to the dojo looking for help and passes out. She transforms into the Red Python and is sent to destroy the Troopers. At the lab it is discovered that Amy is the Red Python and is in danger of self-destructing if engaged in another battle. J.B. again meets with Red Python and tries to reason with her. She collapses and changes back into Amy. She taken to the lab where the professor- is able to reverse the brainwashing. She is grateful to the V.R. Troopers and her new friends unaware that they are one and the same.

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03:27 — With the help of Professor Horatio Hart, three average teenagers enter Virtual Reality to stop a rich evil genius using it to do evil deeds. From the (more…)