Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

1964, TV Show

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Latest Episode: The Shape Of Doom

Feb 06, 1966 Season 2 Episode 20 watch on

The President’s life is endangered by the subject of a bizarre experiment, a gigantic whale that has swallowed an atomic bomb.

The Sky's On Fire

Jan 23, 1966 Season 2 Episode 18

When the Van Allen radiation belt catches fire, Nelson’s plan to extinguish the blaze is thwarted by a misguided U.N. official.
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Terror On Dinosaur Island

Dec 26, 1965 Season 2 Episode 14

Commander Crane leads the rescue mission as Admiral Nelson and Chief Sharkey struggle to survive on a mysterious island inhabited by deadly prehistoric beasts.
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The X Factor

Dec 05, 1965 Season 2 Episode 11

In order to rescue a kidnapped scientist, Nelson infiltrates a mysterious toy company serving as a front for an enemy spy ring.
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The Peacemaker

Nov 21, 1965 Season 2 Episode 9

In order to retrieve and disarm a lethal proton bomb, Crane must team up with a brilliant scientist who long ago defected to an enemy power.
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Nov 14, 1965 Season 2 Episode 8

At the behest of a brilliant scientist, Nelson and the crew investigate a fissure in the Earth’s crust which causes nearby sea creatures—and the scientist—to grow to gargantuan proportions.
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Time Bomb

Sep 26, 1965 Season 2 Episode 2

While investigating a secret Soviet nuclear reactor, Nelson is injected with a substance turning him into a human time bomb, and it’s up to Crane to save the day.
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