Voltron Force Episodes

2011, TV Show

Voltron Force Season 1 episodes

Black Season 1, Episode 26

Castle Doom becomes a huge Robeast and plans to annihilate the Galaxy Alliance. read more

Deceive and Conquer Season 1, Episode 25

The team simultaneously battle King Lotor and a Robeast who can merge with its rivals. read more

The Army of One Season 1, Episode 24

An army of cloned King Lotors try to dominate Arus and eradicate Voltron. read more

Roots of Evil Season 1, Episode 23

Allura faces Robeast, a plant-like villain, and makes an important decision about her future. read more

Crossed Signals Season 1, Episode 22

The team arrive at a spooky graveyard for spaceships after answering a distress call from the past. read more

I, Voltron Season 1, Episode 21

Daniel becomes the ultimate defender when his consciousness is transferred into Voltron. read more

Dradin, Baby, Dradin Season 1, Episode 20

The team try to stop Lotor's former soldiers from taking over the planet Dradin. read more

Five Forged Season 1, Episode 19

The gang must undergo a test on the planet Ariel, a place with clues about Voltron's origins. read more

Gary Season 1, Episode 18

Maahox accesses Voltron Force via a holographic pet, which Vince names Gary. read more

Ghost in the Lion Season 1, Episode 17

The Blue Lion is stolen by an ex-pilot who's trying to rescue his son. read more

Brains Season 1, Episode 16

The residents of Pidge's old planet transform into zombies who crave Voltron brains. read more

Rogue Trip Season 1, Episode 15

The cadets meet a dangerous fan while traveling to Earth to get some pizza. read more

Inside in the Music Season 1, Episode 14

A victory concert is held in the wake of Wade's defeat, but Lotor's spies show up at the festivities. read more

Clash of the Lions Season 1, Episode 13

Sky Marshal Wade hijacks Voltron Force when they travel to Earth. read more

Hungry for Voltron Season 1, Episode 12

Allura must battle in the combat arena after she's stopped by a blockade. read more

Predator Robeast Season 1, Episode 11

Voltron Force face a powerful newly formed enemy when Lotor's five predators unite to become one villain. read more

Wanted and Unwanted Season 1, Episode 10

Keith embarks on a risky getaway off of a concealed vessel called the Void. read more

Dark Blue Season 1, Episode 9

Vince tries to demonstrate that he's a worthy cadet, but instead he gets stuck on a sinking vessel. read more

Flash Forms a Go! Season 1, Episode 8

Voltron Force are forced to make some enhancements in order to detect an enigmatic Robobeast. read more

Lion Riders Return Season 1, Episode 7

Sky Marshal Wade invades the planet Ariel and attacks their lion-riding warriors, who request assistance from Voltron Force. read more

The Hunkyard Season 1, Episode 6

Hunk brings the cadets to his junkyard, where they encounter hostile robots filled with Haggarium. read more

Joyride of Doom Season 1, Episode 5

The cadets take the lions and sneak off to Lotor's home planet, where Maahox abducts them. Lotor then invades the Castle of Lions and kidnaps Allura. read more

Defenders of the Universe Season 1, Episode 3

The veterans reunite and form Voltron in order to take on a double threat from King Lotor and Sky Marshal Wade. read more

Coran, Coran Season 1, Episode 4

The Voltron vets try to save Coran, but they fall into a trap set by Wade. Meanwhile, the cadets deal with a Coran impostor, who's really a dangerous robot rigged with a bomb. read more

Defenders of Arus Season 1, Episode 2

Daniel and Vince are introduced to Larmina, and the three of them assist the veterans in preparing the Robot Lions for battle against King Lotor. read more

New School Defenders Season 1, Episode 1

Daniel and Vince are selected to join a secret combat group commanded by the original Voltron Force. read more

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Premiered: June 16, 2011, on Nicktoons
Rating: TV-Y7
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Premise: Three new pilots train with five veterans to fly robot lions and fight evil in the universe.


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