Voltron: Defender of the Universe

  • 1985
  • TV Show
  • TV-Y7

A giant mechanical warrior made up of five robot lions fights evil forces.

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Episode Guide

No Muse Is Good Muse

November 14, 1985

Lotor...My Hero?

November 13, 1985

With Friends Like You

November 12, 1985

To Soothe the Savage Robeast

November 8, 1985

A Ghost of a Chance

November 7, 1985

Enter Merla: Queen of Darkness

November 6, 1985

Take a Robot to Lunch

November 1, 1985

Who Was That Masked Man?

October 30, 1985

Little Buddies

October 29, 1985

Voltron Meets Jungle Woman

October 28, 1985

The Traitor

October 25, 1985

The Shell Game

October 24, 1985


October 23, 1985

War and Peace...and Doom!

Breaking up Is Hard to Doom

Who's Flying the Blue Lion and Return of Sven

The Alliance Strikes Back

Envoy from Galaxy Garrison

Dinner and a Show

Doom Girls On the Prowl