Viva La Bam

2003, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Finlandia

Aug 14, 2005 Season 5 Episode 8 watch on (Paid)

Bam discovers that Raab is still in love with his mail-order bride and flies him to Russia to find her and win her heart all over again.

Demo Derby

Jun 13, 2004 Season 2 Episode 8

Bam takes Don Vito to a used car dealer to buy him a new car. After seeing the cheap prices of the used cars, Bam decides to purchase four cars and bring them back to his 14 acre lot.
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Tree Top Casino

Jun 06, 2004 Season 2 Episode 7

It's Arbor Day, so Bam decides to knock down one the tall trees in the backyard. April hears the commotion from the house and comes outside to yell at Bam.
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Community Disservice

May 30, 2004 Season 2 Episode 6

Bam challenges April to do five things that will benefit the community. From Bam's list, April chooses reading stories to the elderly, giving Phil a haircut, and, with the help of Don Vito and Phil, picking up trash from public spaces.
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Mardi Gras Part 2

May 23, 2004 Season 2 Episode 5

Bam and the crew leave Skatetopia in one piece and continue their trek towards Mardi Gras.
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Mardi Gras Part 1

May 16, 2004 Season 2 Episode 4

Bam, with a group of skateboarding legends including Tony Hawk and TBD, head down to Mardi Gras.
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Fat Boy Face Off

May 09, 2004 Season 2 Episode 3

Bam enters Phil and Don Vito in a competition he calls "Fat Boy Face Off."
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Dating Don Vito

May 02, 2004 Season 2 Episode 2

When Bam learns that the legendary metal band Slayer are coming for a visit, the boys feel the need to do some redecorating and modifications to the new house.
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Castle Bam

Apr 25, 2004 Season 2 Episode 1

Bam and the crew search for a new home and stumble upon a secluded house with acres of yard, complete with a unicorn mural painted on the side.
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