Viper 1996 | TV Show Watchlist


This sci-fi actioner was driven by a futuristic, high-tech car that was used to run down criminals. Behind the wheel was an ex-hood turned cop---think `Robocop' paired with `Knight Rider' and fueled by excellent special effects. The series lasted less than a season, but two years later it got a touch-up and returned in syndication.


Guest Stars

Ken Pogue
Jerome Midland, Keltner, Midland
3 Episodes (1999-1999)
Jude Ciccolella
Marcus, Marcus White
2 Episodes (1999-1999)
Venus Terzo
Lina, Linda
2 Episodes (1999-1999)
Bryan Cranston
Garrett Berlin
Carlos Gomez
Enrique La Paz
J.R. Bourne
Seth Kincaid
1 Episode (1999)
Wendie Malick
Iris Nevelson
Thomas Cavanagh
Charles Bennett
Anna Galvin
Myra McKenna
Gary Chalk
Quince Toland
1 Episode (1999)
François Chau
Bobby Murabito
Larry Holden
Catlett's Brother
1 Episode (1999)
Pamela Bach
Judy Ann Gibson