Chronicling the medieval adventures of a band of Norsemen.

Vikings Season 4 - Part 2
See Purchasing Details Below: In the midseason premiere, Ragnar's reappearance in Kattegat triggers a chain of events no one - except the Seer - could (more…)
A Time to Kill: Deaths on "Vikings"
01:10 — When you're a Viking, there are a million reasons to kill.
"Vikings" By the Numbers
01:33 — From 630 crew members to over 4,000 costumes, take a look at the numbers that make up the production of "Vikings."
Vikings Battle Tactics
02:26 — Learn more about the ways in which the Vikings used the benefit of surprise and brute force to overpower their enemies in this web exclusive.
The Great Army (Recap)
01:16 — Watch highlights from Season 4 Episode 17, “The Great Army."
Vikings Weapons and Armor
02:15 — Even though they did not leave detailed accounts of their history, Viking graves give us clues as to the types of weapons and armor they used in battl (more…)
Exclusive Vikings Sneak Peek: Ivar Declares War on the World!
00:57 — Ivar begins to rally an army to avenge Ragnar in this Vikings sneak peek
Ragnar's Death Obsession
01:40 — Death has surrounded Ragnar his entire life, but his own death still escapes him. Look back at his obsession in this web exclusive.
Vikings Exclusive: Ragnar Tells Ivar He'll Never be Normal
01:03 — In this exclusive sneak peek, Ragnar delivers some tough love to Ivar
King Ecbert Season 4 Character Catch-Up
02:28 — Get caught up with King Ecbert's journey so far in Season 4 with Linus Roache in this web exclusive.
Lagertha Season 4 Character Catch-Up
02:31 — Get caught up with Lagertha's journey so far in Season 4 with Katheryn Winnick in this web exclusive.
Bjorn Season 4 Character Catch-Up
02:27 — Get caught up with Bjorn's journey so far in Season 4 with Alexander Ludwig in this web exclusive.
Behind the Scenes: Celebrating Viking History
02:35 — The cast of "Vikings" discusses how the show celebrates and represents the cultural history of the Viking way of life in this web exclusive.
Ragnar's Addiction Worsens
02:18 — Ragnar falls deeper into his addiction to Eastern medicine in this scene from Season 4 Episode 7, "The Profit and the Loss."
The Real Vikings: Weapons, Strategies, and Tactics
01:50 — Scholars and historians discuss the weapons favored by the Vikings and how they influenced Viking battles.
The Real Vikings: Trades
02:29 — Scholars and historians describe what items were necessary and valuable to Viking traders.
The Real Vikings: Who Was Ragnar Lothbrok?
01:59 — Did Ragnar Lothbrok actually exist? Scholars and historians explain what we know about the man - or men - who inspired the character.
Promised (Recap)
Watch highlights from Season 4 Episode 5, “Promised," in this web exclusive.
Bjorn's Grizzly Battle
01:21 — Bjorn fights for his life in the Viking wilderness in this scene from Season 4 Episode 3, “Mercy."
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