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The View: How Different Will a Trump Presidency Actually Be?
04:58 — Hot Topic: Will a Trump presidency even change things that much?
The View Hot Topic: Do You Talk to Yourself?
01:45 — Science says it is nothing but a good thing baby!
Helen Mirren On the View: Film 'Collateral Beauty' and Finding Beauty in Dark Places
03:53 — The actress reflects on losing great friends in 2016 and new film.
The View Hot Topic: Trump Tweets Displeasure With SNL
02:55 — Trump isn't a fan of SNL's impressions of him.
The View Co-hosts React to Dakota Pipeline Reroute
03:20 — The View co-hosts react to the recent news of the Dakota Pipeline becoming rerouted after many protest efforts. Watch The View WEEKDAYS at 11e|10c|p.
CNN's Van Jones Explains 'Whitelash' On the View
04:05 — Van opens up about election night.
Whoopi Goldberg's World AIDS Day Surprise
05:22 — Whoopi is honored for her AIDS research efforts.
Billy Bob Thornton 'Bad Santa 2' On the View
04:37 — Billy Bob talks holiday horror stories.
The View Hot Topics: Avoiding Politics On Thanksgiving
01:47 — Is it possible to just enjoy the holiday meal?
Martha Stewart Whips up Thanksgiving Pies On the View
04:23 — Martha puts her spin on holiday pies.
Kathy Griffin Talks New Book 'Celebrity Run-Ins' On the View
02:44 — Kathy gets candid about a run-in with Trump.
The View Hot Topic: Violence at Dakota Pipeline
03:50 — Why isn't police roughness at the pipeline more reported on?
The View Co-hosts Sound Off On Alt-Right's Nazi Trump Salutes
04:11 — Trump's weak response to hate messages doesn't sit well.
The View Hot Topic: Was Hamilton the Right Place to Send Vice President Elect Message?
04:56 — Was it the right time or place to send a political message?
Simone Biles On the View: Book 'Courage to Soar'
04:39 — Biles reflects on her road to Olympic gold.
Whoopi Goldberg's Favorite Things
05:49 — Celebrate Whoopi's birthday with her favorite things.
The View Co-hosts React to Trump’s First Post-Election Interview
04:42 — Hot Topic: Donald Trump's First Post-Election Interview
Priyanka Chopra On the View: International Star of Quantico
05:06 — Actress, singer and producer Priyanka Chopra.
Veteran Timothy Gets a Surprise On the View
05:00 — Timothy and his family receive great news from The View.
The View Celebrates Veterans Day With an Inspiring Man Named Timothy
04:28 — The View celebrates Veterans Day with an inspiring Naval Officer, Timothy.
Ana Navarro On the View: Explains Why She Voted for Hillary Clinton
05:16 — Republican Ana Navarro on the election and why she voted for Hillary.
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